A Diary of A Single Man: Do You Know Me?

Dark secrets creep in the night While others are fast asleep Thinking no-one knows For if they did, some would oppose When lust gets the best of you and takes a huge bite out of your ass. It’s when you discover his distrust after realizing how long the cheese line is for his love located at…… Continue reading A Diary of A Single Man: Do You Know Me?

Manifesting Your Gift

Turn your gift into your calling. Discover the meaning of self manifestation. If there’s a silver lining to bad or hard times it is this, “When facing server challenges your mind is normally at it’s sharpest.” What you want is on the other side of hard. Manifesting Your Gift When you’re under the biggest pressure…… Continue reading Manifesting Your Gift

Beware of Falling In Love…

Beware of Falling In Love… Never fall in love with anything or anyone that doesn’t belong to you. Especially your degree, your experience, your day job, your life, your career or even your wife. Things and people (nouns) are always subject to change. Beware of Falling In Love… Beware in falling in love with your…… Continue reading Beware of Falling In Love…

Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park

Rhythmandcoils: Hair On Fleek! Welcome Home Face! A high IQ to jumpstart any man’s career. She’s the straw that stirs the drink. The one who makes me think. The catch they couldn’t see. The one I now believe. Not a hair out of place, everything simply falls into sync. Enough hips to garner tips. Dare…… Continue reading Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park

Guilty Confessions

Behind everyone’s life is a mind altering journey, a motivational experience and a physical adventure. Everyone will experience all three. It shapes and defines us as it unfold. It reveals our personal history. It constitutes our obligation to share our gift and to fulfill our assignment. Every story has its task along with a purpose.…… Continue reading Guilty Confessions

Confessions of A Single Man: The Life

I’ve been around it all my life. At least most of my childhood. Growing up in the hood, it was part of a typical daily routine in the uncompromising urban city streets to step in or over dog shit, urine, and broken crack pipes while hurdling over dead stray cats my friend Carly killed in a project…… Continue reading Confessions of A Single Man: The Life

Relationships & Shallow Minded People

Relationships & Shallow Minded People Your location is not your destination. The most valuable aspect in every relationship is having the ability to relate. Do the people you currently have in your circle relate to you? If not, why do you allow them on your ship to your destination? Your ship is constructed to travel…… Continue reading Relationships & Shallow Minded People

When Choosing The Wrong Person

It doesn’t matter if he or she are the sun, moon and stars which make your personal world revolve. You will never be good enough for the wrong person. Even in your absolute best you’ll still not be good enough. However, at your worst, you’ll still be worth it to the right person. Love is…… Continue reading When Choosing The Wrong Person

Pulling Yourself Up By Your Own Boot Straps

Pulling Yourself Up By Your Own Boot Straps Information breeds confidence. Silence breeds fear. Pulling Yourself Up By Your Own Boot StrapsA person said to me, “I feel comfortable asking you this and if I’m out of line please tell me. As other ethnic groups have come to this country with only the shirts on…… Continue reading Pulling Yourself Up By Your Own Boot Straps

The Arrival of A Dream

Lights, Cameras, Action… The Arrival of A Dream It’s 34th street, Madison Square Garden. The traffic on 7th and 8th avenue is thick and heavy. The main attraction and entourage has entered the building. The vibe inside the arena feels intense and full of electric. The energy creates a buzz which puts you in the mind…… Continue reading The Arrival of A Dream

The Invisible Invader

Welcome to the “New World” where reality has arrived and smacked you in the face as if you stole something.  Surprise you’ll be, should you ever uncover then discover the diabolical genius of the devil who’s actually god wearing a ski mask. As the tables turn you then finally learn everything you were told was…… Continue reading The Invisible Invader