A Christmas Wish

If only I had just one single wish it would be…

To find someone to love, not one I’d have to keep up with.

A Christmas Wish A Christmas Wish

I’d like to take this
Time to present
A simple wish
A very special
Christmas wish and
A rememberable gift
Filled with happiness
Love and joy

May your day
Be full with laughter
It doesn’t matter
If you’re a
A girl or a boy
I pray you have someone
To share this day
That special person
To hold you tight
All through the night
Because on this day
I’ll be alone
Wishing I had someone
In my life
All my own

A Christmas Wish A Christmas Wish

Please swallow your pride
This is a time to rejoice
Cherish what you have now
For it all can
Be gone tomorrow
There’s no need
To be sad and blue
Don’t be a fool and lose
What your heart dreams
Of the most by having
The love of your life
Slip through your fingers tips
Recognize your gifts
Remember your blessings
Seal it with a kiss
Close out your year
By shedding a happy tear
Keeping them safe
Warm and near

So sit back, relax, enjoy a Christmas cheer. Let’s celebrate as we prepare to bring in a new beginning along with an awesome new year by turning and telling a love one how you truly feel.

Season Greetings
A Very Happy New Year.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother… 


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