Staying Together After The Affair

(Standing behind the curtain of darkness finally stepping out into the glaring and frightful light).

Often due to lust, the traditional sins committed in the past we often repeat in the present and it often reoccurs in the future. How unfair is the casual affair. Sometimes, in order to see the light one has to risk the dark.

Staying Together After The AffairStaying Together After The Affair

A glass is smashed against the wall

And falls onto the kitchen floor
Shattered, ridged, broken pieces reveal
A story I can’t ignore
The continued struggle
What to make sense of
This dreadful puzzle

They were smart, educated,

Articulate and strong
Foolish thinking
Poor decisions making
Lacking basic common sense
The foundation of the weak
Roaming in the dark
Groping for the light fixture
A voice struggles to speak…

Long after the honeymoon is over

Why does the romance tends to end
How does one keep the music
Playing soon after
The relationship begins
How does one manage to keep the

Song fresh inside our mind
Locked away in a secure place
In our heart
Before the awful
Discussions, to depart

Love is an art
Take a huge sip
Let the juice roll down
Your beautiful luscious
Lips and curl
Around your fingertips
You were once
The shining star
Of the straw
That stirred my drink
Now things are blurry
And it’s hard to think

We were close as one
You’ve seen
Your own shadow as two
The thought’s so unbearable
Unsure of what exactly to do
From two tooth brushes
To separate bathrooms
From sleeping together
To sleeping in separate rooms
From staying home and cooking

Dinner for 2
To picking up fast food
From the drive-thru for only 1
What has life become

Staying Together After The AffairStaying Together After The Affair

(The tea kettle whistles its harmonic call then it boils over after being more concerned with the aesthetic exterior. Falling in love with beauty of a shell. Failing to observe. The failure to tap into and examine the spirit). Therefore, dreadful label has been attached.

Entering and breaking into a person’s heart which becomes a empty and lonely house. You focus more on your career and become overworked with little to no time to play. To no-longer have someone in your life you can count on. The eviction notice placed on the wall. Coming to the realization there’s nobody at home to open the door. Because the lock is broken. Nobody to wake up with in the mornings. Because the bed is gone. No one to hold tight at night. Because they’re out running the city streets. The lonely feeling of being alone. That naked awkward feeling. The empty hollow sound of silence that doesn’t seem quite right. Because the light bill hasn’t been paid. The things we do to busy ourselves in order to occupy our mind with something else. The lies we tell ourselves and share on Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat. How we make everything appear to be grand, shiny and new during all the tuff times when things are actually blue. Thinking nobody knows we’re sad. How you dare to tell your mother and dad. Failing to tell the truth about the abuse. Trying to fool and mislead others. Shortly after the onion is pealed down to its core. The burning surfaces after each tear drop falls. All it takes is having the heart, the desire to accept this open invitation and the willingness to walk 12 Mighty Steps. Until then the love affair with alcohol remains

Another drink is poured…
To fall asleep on life…
The insidious problem that arise from drinking.

Later discovering the distance between dreams and reality is action…

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Staying Together After The Affair


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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    1. Somehow I’m inclined to believe they got together all for the wrong reasons. Today, marriage is a business; terms of an agreement. Some may even say it always have been that way. Especially after the love, if any, has gone.

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