Satisfaction Guaranteed

Her master plan was satisfaction guaranteed and worth the wait.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Out of darkness all things came into existence…
And then Goddess said, “For I’m the root of all trees. Let there be light and life.” Was she speaking to, her partner?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

After her sunset on the 6th day,

God rest her head upon thee and all life sprang forth upon the earth.
Behold, the light from her sunshine is meant to keep us warm and for all things to grow.  I can taste her spicy flavor. We all can feel her heat and draw from its warmth which is pure nourishment.
From the top of my head across my entire body her blessings ignited an electrical impulse which was felt across my skin, particularly from the black coils of my nappy/wavy hair weaving down through my netted threaded strands spiraling deep into the woven fabric fibers comprising my DNA.  

The blueprint of her design is then produced.
She’s the tapestry of forgotten cultures, race and customs which play an intricate role to our existence.  Our artistic characteristics are twisted yet linked to a common bond that’s responsible for my attraction.

The pestering interference of man’s substandard jealousy and lust during a time when God was a woman until she lost her way and gave birth to me. Yet still, the awesome satisfaction knowing her presence is forever.

Mother, I see you…

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Satisfaction Guaranteed


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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