A Diary of A Single Man: A Second Chance

Some situations are not meant for you to change.
Some situations are meant to change you.

A Diary of A Single Man: A Second Chance

Say goodbye to yesterday. Say hello to tomorrow.

There was no pain nor fear
Just death, thorns and darkness
In search of the light embedded within the soul
Something strange has happened to my body
The man I used to be…
Well, he’s gone
That man sacrificed his life for mine
So the new me could live on
I  had to die
It was meant to be
Now, I can see you more clearly
Cleansing my grainy lens of sins reshaping the balance of the universe & ready to be forgiven
A new resurrection has been organized & provided
New seeds of provisions continue to be planted & granted
A second chance delivered

Each and every time I look upon my old self my skin would prickle in horror. I now possess a new table of content 😌.

A Diary of A Single Man: A Second Chance

Skin has been shedded, quick, fast and in a jiffy

The scent of her fragrance is in my ear

Her smile can be seen in heaven

I inhale the food she prepares as it fills the air

Taste the aroma

My eyes can finally hear her magic

Take a chance on love

But first you gotta believe

The impossible can be

Wait for it…


Heaven is at the foot of Mother….








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