A Diary of A Single Man: Love & The Foolish

It seems like commitment and loyalty are a thing of the pass. Love is risky business according to the foolish and misinformed. Time dictates who you meet in life. Either way you’ll pick up and inherit enlighten discoveries uncovered and precious jewels of life along the way.

The heart is blind and it decides who you want in your life. Although you may be currently dating your next mistake one has to be willing to play in order to win.

It’s your behavior which decides who stays in your life.

After all, scared money makes no money…

 A Diary of A Single Man: Love & The Foolish

However, as time pass you by and you’re old and grey, you could find yourself eating alone with a beautiful faint view and no-one to share it with…

Denial is not a river in Egypt… 

Love doesn’t exist like it use to anymore
               That flexible, athletic, Jack be nimble type of a genius is too busy and quick to judge

Who invented and
Came up with such of a lie
Love doesn’t pay the bills
A warm body is often replaced
By a heating blanket and a cute puppy that goes to potty all over the rug and urinates in every corner of the house
Just thinking about the emptiness & the loneliness after a break up gives me chills

The brave one percent that’s happy
Is not worth mentioning
Happiness tends to come for some
By way of  purchase 
An expensive gift with a hefty price tag attached
Just in case you have to take it back
It’s accompanied with a receipt
Placed neatly inside your bag

Oh yes
Love exist
When you live at home
With Mommy & Daddy
Especially when your
Only care is a cellphone bill
And when you have to
Be home by 9 O’Clock

Young love is an express mail envelope unchecked, unsealed and released to sender without a stamp

It’s often foolish, bold, naive and adventurous

When one becomes unfaithful we tend to drink from the cup of denial and look the other way

How foolish am I
To believe in love
To chase after it
To wait and pray
For it to notice
And to find me

Should I expect more

Or become a trademark of loneliness

Love is a cloaked gambit
A bandit ascend from hell equip with jokes and full of I told you so
Lady Liberty and the her unbalanced scale of justice for a friend has the nerve to wear a blindfold
Love is exceptional to only a few
It could be possible for
Me and for you
Like false advertisement
Love is a fraudulent bank account and a untamed myth
Which doesn’t exist except on holidays and occasionally on the weekend

Dare to believe, I kid you not
The token expression is skin deep like a superficial paper cut wrapped in elastic plastic bubble wrap With a colorful and fashionable Madison Avenue band-aid with striking colors which excites the human eye

I love, love…  I’m in love with the idea of being in-love. Nothing, no-thing and no experience can detour my point of view of the wonderful and beautiful possibilities.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…
























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