One Shy Peek

The more I see the less I know… 

A sneak peek inside the untrained eye during a time

When the atmospheric tempers of the earth simmered in the mist of dawn

One Shy Peek

The notion alone piques my frustration
Which flirts with the curiosity behind
The fantasy to conquer something
That wasn’t literally meant to be conquered
One man’s point of view can gingerly
Invite a sneak peek inside
Another person’s fear of the unknown
However, the peaks and valleys
Behold a particular fortune

Just beyond the faint horizon of the apex,
Of the great crescent pointed crown,
Attached to one magnificent proxy better known as a Mountain located in the far distance
Lives a shy young neophyte who boldly struts her stuff

And is known for dancing with wolves in sludge of the Forest.

Without any mercy, these particular wolves act Like gremlins from hell, who invade her farm stealing

From the nest and eat the chicken eggs she tries to sell
By a neighboring village next to a valley below by
A stream of free flowing water and has a magic bullet,

panacea for the sudden illness which struck suddenly 
In the past, what was merely once looked upon with Black Ghoulish eyes 
Can clearly be seen through enlighten and a more Informed point of view

Now her eyes have become open…

What’s the metaphor behind the burning bush upon a pinnacle?




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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  1. I love to read a post that makes me smile and say to myself, “Well that’s really clever!” Great job – and a beautiful photo too!

    1. I found myself smiling while reading your kind words. Thank you very much and may you be blessed, even more. I truly appreciate you.

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