A Temporary Offering

October 31st is my mother’s birthday.

I can never forget her day because it happens to fall on Halloween.

When I was a young neophyte I can recall the evening I had gotten to wear an all black gremlin costume to go out trick or treating which was the highlight of the evening.

For some of my friends, would honk their toy horns, hide in a makeshift tent or nest and riff about how it’s was the most wonderful time of the year.

However, the meaning like the seasons have dubiously changed without any warning or mercy

A Temporary Offering

A beautiful Fall display of leaves dancing on a tree as the wind gingerly blow them to the ground and we embrace a new beginning. 

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, let us enjoy the beauty of the stillness of an image and it’s continuous passing of life within one season into another, captured for all to witness and appreciate it’s unspoken message as Christmas is near. 

A Temporary Offering

The Chef struts his stuff with a beautifully displayed scrumptious Salmon platter for an appetizer to start the evening which is always a delicious selection of choice for stimulating the palate before the main course arrives. Food porn for the naked eye to ravish, then watch it disappear. 

A Temporary Offering


Smell the Hawaiian Rib-eye aroma with a fully loaded baked potato on the side as it comes out screaming, steaming hot and placed on your table.

A meal for one or maybe for two nonetheless after its finished what else is there to do?

More food porn for thought. Right down to the very last drop. Savor the flavor.

I can’t wait to see Christmas through your eyes.




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…













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  1. Nice selection of images! A wonderful meal is certainly temporary…even though the good memories linger…There is a chocolate dessert that I had in Minneapolis/St Paul a year ago that I still think of very fondly! 🙂

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