A Diary of A Single Man: Rib of Life

Random Fragmented Thoughts

All life sprang forth out of darkness. For I am she, folded over herself.

Inside the mind of Frankenstein when viewing a Rib… It was the first time Frankenstein dreamed and discovered he had a mind.

A Diary of A Single Man: Rib of Life

We brought it back from the dead
Placed a new brain inside its head
We resuscitated it
Stabilized it
Patched up the gaping hole
It no longer bled
We monitored its vital signs
While on its death bed
We can make him whole again
We can rebuild him
We have the technology
We have the capability
We can make him better & do more
We can make him stronger
Make him faster
Than ever before
The world is Ours
They’ll pay attention to Us
They’ll no longer ignore

He smelt her perfume
Laced upon the handle of a broom
Laid across the bedroom floor

A vision of a myth
Deceptive curves
Mind blowing hips
A burnt offering
Unforgettable succulent lips
An icy drip…

Juicy to it’s fruit
A ring
It’s loop

No milk present…

A Diary of A Single Man: Rib of Life

A masterful
Without hesitation
A spiraling
Springs forth
A new

She’s the reason for
Ausar which is Aset
Alpha behind the Omega
Birth to Heru
Mother of Set
The root of all man kind
Never question her depth

Teeth bright
Like daylight
Slow walkin’
Under her moonlight

There’s this electrifying and intense burst of a spark of magic in her eyes. Her womb illuminates, and lights up each and every time she appears and simply smiles. I never believed I would in my lifetime stumble over such a light of a sight. But it is, true. Dreams do come true.

A rare and an exclusive observation of a shooting star. The immaculate conception of an solar eclipse upon a wish. Instantly, I’m free each and every time she looks at me. I almost struggle to find the words to describe how I feel. Walk with me beloved…

Sign, signals, & symbols
The study of life from an overview perspective while standing on the square.

Life has many meanings
With a message that’s very clear
In time and with patience the truth will be revealed

A Diary of A Single Man: Rib of Life

All life sprang forth out of darkness… For I am she folded over thyself. The root of the tree must Overstand all that she be. The deeper the root the greater the fruit. As the message is very clear. I’m nothing without thee. No growth, no fulfilled promise, no continued life equals a forgotten existence.

Inside the mind of a Frankenstein when viewing a Rib; Mother of all life.

A lost wandering soul discovering himself in her beautiful reflection during a time when No-thing exist.





Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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