Harlem Cafe: King Nipsey Hussle

Death has this overwhelming power of a way in bringing a people closer together.

Like birds, like minds tend to stick and flock forever. Together, someday we’ll find a united state of mind.

Sorely missed, just wished

I had the chance to have met you and embrace your spiritual insight

Rest Easy

RIP, never sayin’ goodnight.

Harlem Cafe: King Nipsey Hussle


Strobe Lights
Camera action & flashin’
Somewhere video
Instant kodak capturin’

All up in your face
Just so you
Know that… 

Just hold dat 

Light treble, mainly bass 

Microphone lightly tappin’

(For Da Record)

Ghost Ryder
Newly inspired 2

Get my Mother Phuckin’ flow back,

A Spiritual Zodiac Continued 

(Please Excuse me)

Last night it didn’t
Feel right
I couldn’t sleep
Silent Harlem Knight
Tried to shake it
No fakin’ it
Had this dream
Kept me up all night; a rude awakenin’
All night as my mind and body took flight

(With this beat in my head)

Harlem Cafe: King Nipsey Hussle

(Chess movement of pieces. Take your time, Harlem)

Oh my
Don’t tell me
But why
Where do I start
King Selassie I

Inside the mind of…
King Nipsey
Power play
Stayin’ on his grind

(Peep out the Hussle)

Sovereign Ruler
Came up
In rank

Graded up
That cheese
Stacked up
His bank

(A Great Power Come to Rule)

The formulation
Of an empire
Inside a nation
A concept
Brought about
A revelation

A community
Starving for divine
With no hesitation

(Take your time Brutha)

Just tryin’ to explain it…

House of Solomon
Queen of Sheba
A linage so
Like no other
Soon we all
Will discover

Harlem Cafe: King Nipsey Hussle

(Check it)

Bronx walkin’
All of Brooklyn
Be talkin’
Queens united
Staten Island
Harlem World (Up Right)
To your Family
And your Girl

(Damn, ATL)

Lo and behold
Let the truth
Be told

(Don’t stop da Hussle)

The invisible man
Hidin’ in plain sight
(Walk with me)
When Frankenstein
Changed his mind
After his chest got tight

(Talk to meh)

Harlem Cafe: King Nipsey Hussle

Know your role
Play your position
Behind the wheel
Never lose control
Speak when spoken to
Over communicate

(No swervin’)

Stay in your lane
Smellin’ that freshly lit propane
(Laces up)
Gasin’ da streets up
Chillin’ hard wit
His feet up

Young Nipsey
Was a genius
Carved his name
Into the cement
DNA to
His seaman
Produced an offspring
To an unspoken agreement

Unwritten television
Supernatural experience
With a vision
Naturally Embodied
Producing continued health
The Resurrection
Of greatness
New foundation of
Common Wealth

Exposing the bloodline (Embodied)
That will only flow into the stream
Only a few
Know exactly what I mean
The emancipation
From a boy 2 a man (Focus on the Dream)
A selective few will cram to

Harlem Cafe: King Nipsey Hussle

(An Overview)

Candles burn slow
People (Cryin’)
Murals freshly painted
No more senseless
We all are related
Family 2 Family
We must stay focused
And united
Let no one divide us
Cease the killing
Kill the beef
Spread love throughout
Our city streets

A fallen soldier
Never forgotten
Forever remembered
Gone too soon
Young Nipsey
True 2 his
Hussle and to his throne

Harlem Cafe: King Nipsey Hussle

(Music and lyrics slowly fades out)

Always  addin’



Doin’ my math


Checkin’ my wordin’

Fo Lil 2 no blow back


(Keep Flowin’)

Play the
With meh
Products of technology
No apology
Microphone cameras
A fly upon the wall
Don’t you dare get upset
Creatures crawl

Big Tigga in Da Basement I’m sure you would’ve ripped it…

Spring has sprung as soon as the games begun…

There’s no tellin’ what you would’ve become

Harlem Cafe: King Nipsey Hussle

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Harlem Cafe: King Nipsey Hussle

I feel your pain Snoop


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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