A Diary of A Single Man: Paying It Forward

When the right information lead towards the proper education to weather the blinding desert storm which clouds our vision.

A Diary of A Single Man: Paying It Forward

“Lunch is for wimps”

When I graduated from high school, entered college and became aware of the fact that I had been mis-educated, I began to assume the responsibility for reeducating myself.

After we seek out and obtain a higher education some people fail to realize and reveal the fact when we obtain a Bachelors, Masters and PhD we’ve actually passed the test to acquire another persons point of view or philosophy. We spend hundreds and owe thousands of dollars and brag about obtaining the ruling class mindset. To ensure and to secure the main objective of the hamster wheel. Skinner’s box is real. Just as some of us wear the mask because we have to. While others, can’t wait to put on the mask. 

Every person has two forms of education. One is the one that is given to him/her. The other, which he gives to himself. The latter is by far the most sufficient because everything that is important to a person(s) life is that which they must seek out for themselves. It constitutes their real education. So it is all right to get the paper so that you can go out into society and do things. Just don’t think that-that paper (That Degree) is your passport to success.

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A Diary of A Single Man: Paying It Forward

Education and travel is key. Education is not confined to the four walls of any college. Many great people have made major contributions to the world without ever placing a single foot inside any university. To travel and to witness how other people around the world live is extremely important. The objective is to place ourselves in the position to better understand and to communicate with the entire world.

We have an obligation and a responsibility to see to it that we put into our minds, put into our conciseness, put into our spirit, knowledge of our History, knowledge of our Culture, our Ancestors and our Creator. So that we can exist within this society and keep our sanity as we continue to build a better place for those that come behind us. That is our obligation. That is our responsibility. 

The goal is to pay it forward; to unlock and to change the mind of a Frankenstein. To make him/her think differently. To make them see what they once only looked upon. Have you ever heard the worn out clique, “You can lead the horse to the water but you can’t make it drink?” What if you fed it some crackers to make it thirsty? What if you ride it hard to the water? I bet it will drink. Have you heard the clique, “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?” The answer is neither because a cell came first before both of them. Don’t allow people to limit you to limited choices. A or B when in fact, C and D exist. Challenge the worn out clique. Stimulate the mind of others. Examine the root of the tree. For it is feminine by nature. Every time you look at your navel you see your connection your mother. Your not missing a rib. All life points to a feminine origin. From molecules to cells to mineral, to vegetable to insects to animal to humans. When you examine the Bee kingdom the Queen is the center of its base. The same for the Ant Kingdom. In the Lion Kingdom if the female lion doesn’t go out and hunt the pride doesn’t eat. The oldest bones discovered are bones of a woman. Some 3.6 million years old. Think about how deep that is and how it translate. 

A Diary of A Single Man: Paying It Forward

It’s easy to pay it forward to a loved one, friend or family member. To truly pay it forward is to give to someone you don’t know.  To give to a person you have no reason to give to and hold them accountable to do the same. This is one of the best ways to reaching the entire globe than just being local. To be international rather than domestic. Touch someone in a way they can’t keep it to themselves. They have to share it. Keep in mind the world is watching. You know the saying, “The streets is always watching”. They watch for the good and for the bad. There’s young people watching you every day. Some of them are secretly looking up to you. Some are inspired by you. Yes, others despise you and they look at you. Some people who live in impoverish communities live in the dark. They live and dwell in pain and how they express themselves is by conflicting pain unto to others. Frankenstein does how Frankenstein thinks.

Dress to impress and keep in mind some of us are tied to a group that are considered to be a permanent underclass. Chose to dress to kill instead of dress to be killed. Now let that set in for a minute or two. To hide in plain sight. To never let them see you coming. Master the edge. Give yourself the best chance possible. Life unfolds very slowly and we must pay attention and guard against from repeating our collective mistakes of the past. 

Never educate a wolf, a fox or a snake. For that wolf, fox and snake will sprout wings and grow feet. Lastly, whenever a noun; A person, place or thing doesn’t appreciate all that you bring (to the table) take your gift(s) and talent elsewhere and make a difference. Don’t you ever hesitate to plot your course. Always see beyond the sand. 



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…


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