The Invisible Invader

Welcome to the “New World” where reality has arrived and smacked you in the face as if you stole something.

 Surprise you’ll be, should you ever uncover then discover the diabolical genius of the devil who’s actually god wearing a ski mask. As the tables turn you then finally learn everything you were told was a lie.

The Invisible Invader

The Final Stages Of Mutation

The process of the new norm is almost complete. The reconstruction of a better hamster wheel is in vogue. The United Nations has been dissolved and evaporated. The implementation of a global government has taken shape. Social distancing equates to social distress. The silent game changer has the ball in its spores. The transformation of the final product has begun. Panic and hysteria run rampant in the streets across the globe. The death toll for the infected has spiked and is at an all time high (7 million globally and climbing). 

From the unemployed including the mental health and the homeless sector to the on-call tail wagging, (cash app) slurp & burp foundation, the numbers will only continue to grow.  The main population of concern on a global scale are the unattended, the forgotten, the untreated and the uninsured. Many of them sleep above and below the earths surface. They travel like nomads and go unnoticed when crossing borders, state and county lines. Some, will use public restrooms while others will relieve themselves in public without washing their hands along with no toilet paper insight.

They play, dwell and shop for 5 finger discount specials in your local stores, school yards, parks, garbage dumpsters and playgrounds during the day and far into the night. For some, turnstile hooping has become a musical event and a obstacle course should the police ever give chase. The infected ride the subway, airplanes, trolley cars, taxi and private line buses. The threat is real. The wishful and foolish thinking don’t take this matter seriously. They continue to gather in small or large groups thinking it can’t happen to them. Time will tell, especially when they gather together to say their final goodbye. 

Meanwhile, indigents find themselves rolling the dice and stray off from the crowd to tough it out on their own. Collectively, we all are fighting for survival. It has become a doggy dog world. Every man, woman and child fending for themselves until the end. It’s not a dream, it’s a global nightmare at its best. It’s similar to an unbelievable movie. It’s like some Mission Impossible Tom Cruise type of shit. I’m talking about life inside Knuckle City where the days and nights aren’t so bright and nothing is pretty or high sadity. The comfort of life is no longer what it use to be. Those days are forever, gone.

The Invisible Invader

Let’s be clear, never bet against the virus.

A dark cloud hovers over the world. Like an airplane as it touch down on a runway the process of a new way of life has landed. An updated “tracking chip” has been successfully implanted. The persuasion for inoculation of the herd, has been achieved. The prison system and the private sector are all on board. However, there are many who stand firm against change and believe in the right and the fight for refutational preemption. Former civilians who escape capture go in hiding either into the hills or deep underground to create a more natural (holistic medicine) resistance for tomorrow’s future.

Until further notice, drinking Clorox is not the answer for this dilemma. The genie is out of the bottle and it’s becoming hard to breath. Women in the street are on their knees crying because their babies are dying. People are trying to wrap their heads around the madness. Men are out of work, rent is over due and the child support system is looking for their slice from your pie. Our heart breaks from the ache. The stress alone puts many of us six feet under. The entire ordeal scars you for life. It forces you to reach deep down inside yourself to discover the gift that’s within. This smells like a recipe for the apocalypse with a side order of cocoa bread with extra cheese. A once hot economy now turns into ice. Planes, buildings and everything on the ground is on fire. People in the street screaming, running in panic and out of desperation. It’s as if the world is coming to an end. What have we learned from this experience?

The Invisible Invader

Animals such as dogs and cats that travel outside can bring inside an unwanted visitor such as the incredible invisible invader. It will hitch a ride and can travel in their hair and on the bottom of their paws. It can be hidden in their stool. Your pets sit and lay on house furniture and jump on your bed to stretch out and fall asleep. Some wipe their butts on your carpet and bed spread. You walk on the same carpet and track it throughout the entire house/apartment. Cleaning your pets properly is mandatory. The streets, sidewalks and many public/private places remain filthy. Who is responsible to govern and properly clean them? Why hasn’t this been done? Population control comes to mind.

The Invisible Invader

 Some people portray themselves one way during the day only to transform into someone or something else during the twilight of the night. Those who wear a white or blue lab coat while working may have an assignment to cure diseases. Other people who wear the same attire may have an entirely different agenda.

What is the cost to create part-time jobs to train and properly (disinfect) clean, scrub the parks, playgrounds, streets, schools, subways, airports, bus stops, office buildings and homes? 

The Invisible Invader

This is history stuck on repeat. When will many of us wake up and learn from the lesson(s) from the past?  There’s no such thing of a magic bullet. Health officials knew back in December this was coming. The late response isn’t acceptable. Watching refrigerated trucks deliver and store deluxe size refrigerator coffins shipped to hospitals only to stack and pack the bodies is very telling. Hospitals are experiencing a shortage of medical supplies like ventilators and personal protective equipment. Some people have to remind themselves we are living in a first world country; one who leads the pack. Let’s rewind the clock and take a closer look.

Phase 1: The Outbreak (70 days ago) 

Effective fitness… It’s order-less and unseen to the naked eye. It quickly spreads from people to people at a rate never experienced before in the history of man and his kind. This invisible invader can live on surfaces from 2 days to close to 25 days, depending upon environmental conditions.

Those whom are asthmatic, suffer from HIV, cancer or have type 2 diabetes are in danger the most. Many people who don’t have medical insurance are ass out and up shits creek without a paddle.  Respiratory droplets are produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks. The virus is airborne. It can live on the floor and on most surfaces for days and possibly for weeks. Social distancing of 6 feet to 33 feet may not be enough especially should the wind current dictate its reach. Toilet seats are not safe. The invader has the ability to infiltrate through feces and diarrhea. It also attacks the gastrointestinal tract, heart, liver and kidney leading to organ failure. Research study has found the virus in semen.  

The Invisible Invader

Phase 2: The Smokescreen (68 days ago)

It’s the year of the elections and the poles are open. The people have turned out in droves. Citizens in outrage, they demand a change and are eager to cast their vote. A new President is in sight. But wait, there’s something else just beyond the horizon.

A news flash has been posted on the bottom of a television screen about a virus outbreak. All election poles have been temporarily closed. A 30 day quarantine has been enforced for the safety of the population. The government has ordered the shut down of commercial and private businesses. 

The Invisible Invader

Phase 3: Global Pandemic (Present day)

The quarantine restriction has been extended. Sadly, there isn’t a vaccine at the present time to alleviate such a pandemic. Major corporations fold, close shop and file for bankruptcy. Many small businesses have been hit the hardest and fail to survive the aftermath. Massive lay-offs affect the entire globe. Unemployment claims are at an all time high. Wall Street, stock prices spiral and plummet. Corona Beer stock prices surge upward. Many corporations  benefit and save money from having selective employees work from home. Eliminating the use and the need for office space has been a tremendous upside. Door Dash and Uber Eats profits sky rocket. 

The Invisible Invader

Phase 4: Curfew & Quarantine Status 

The cause & effect. A divide exist among the haves and the have-not. Stock annalist fear a crash is near.  The American economy suffers another critical hit which threatens to send the nation back into the days of the Great Depression in epic proportions. Empty sounds of static occupy the airwaves.  Wireless devices and flat screen televisions across the nation are in the dark (Picture-less).  Broadcast stations, radio and television networks haven’t transmitted a broadcast signal in three days.  April, May, June and July’s rent is past due as August quickly approaches.  Protesters march to voice their opinion as rioters and looters look to take advantage of the given situation.  Rioting becomes the language of the voiceless and the unheard.  The stress builds when there’s no jobs, no vaccine, police brutality which often lead to murder which ultimately builds a bridge to civil unrest. 

The Invisible Invader

Inside random apartments, arguments can be heard from residents living upstairs, downstairs and next door. The view outside of a complex window reveal people fighting and cursing at one another using colorful metaphors of expression. Their threats become more vile as heads begin to butt with vivid visual animation. The scene must have been taken straight out of a cartoon. A reign of terror has dropped down on the heads of the unexpected like an anvil. The rage outside begins to bubble, boil and spill over. Terrifying screams from people being accosted, accompanied with fear spread throughout the city streets. Citizens barricade themselves inside their homes armed with enough firepower to supply a small army brigade.

The Invisible Invader

Bio-germ warfare. In this case, it’s airborne, odorless and invisible to the naked eye. It invades your space unbeknownst to the host.  Like cancer, it takes over your body.  Unlike cancer it will accelerate and terminate your existence at a faster rate. 

Every noun occupies space. In the mind of others, a depopulation agenda occupies space and has moved-in next door along with the means to carryout it’s hidden agenda. The agenda can be found inside or around our local schools, place of worship, movie theaters, supermarkets, shopping malls, playgrounds and workplace.  What’s on the surface may not attract your attention or stand out to the naked eye. What’s beneath the surface will eventually rise to the top and make it’s presents felt. The seen and the unseen can be one of the same. It could be standing or floating right in front of you, later introducing itself at a later date, in, around and above a local community near you.

No more trips to Africa to test a new vaccine. Why not try something different and go to France or Germany and spearhead a experimental campaign of a new drug on that population? Compassion should be the gasoline that fuels the light which guides us as we travel down the rabbit hole. Where’s the compassion for humanity? Don’t answer that last question. 

The Invisible Invader

This journey has a way of leading us all into calamity and ruin. We pray for a story of triumph after a storm of tragedy.

It went on deaf ears when, we were warned years ago of a possible virus outbreak. Today, a pandemic is on our front porch. This is not a movie on Netflix, HBO or Showtime. This shit is real. Standing six feet from each other (social distancing) is better than being buried six feet underground.

The blue or red tape on the floor is not to be ignored. The hand sanitizer on the wall is for our collective safety. Just don’t kill the good bacteria. It would be better to wash your hands oppose to being and protect yourself by wearing a mask, instead of being placed inside of a huge refrigerator with other dead bodies. The time has come to finally wake up. You’re not dreaming. You are here and living in the present instead of living in the hereafter. You are needed to fall in line and possibly make a difference. 


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The Invisible Invader


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