The Arrival of A Dream

Lights, Cameras, Action…

The Arrival of A Dream

It’s 34th street, Madison Square Garden. The traffic on 7th and 8th avenue is thick and heavy. The main attraction and entourage has entered the building. The vibe inside the arena feels intense and full of electric. The energy creates a buzz which puts you in the mind of being inside a bee hive. The intensity is building and bubbling to a point where it’s about to spill over as the crowd become on edge from the anticipation. The building has a humming sound to it as the arena shakes. 

The Men in Black (Security) is in every aisle standing in formation, scanning the crowd. The cameras pan from left to right as the next segment preps to begin the show. Music fills the air as 1 mic is placed in the middle of the stage. Master Control gives the green light to start the show. All personnel with headsets can hear the count down (In… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 release the smoke). The overhead lights begin to fade out slowly. The crowd begin to get unraveled. The excitement and anticipation becomes more unbearable. The overhead lights are now completely dimmed out symbolizing the end of intermission is near. Its been almost a year since the artist graced the stage. The crowd awaits in amazement for the second coming. Movement behind the red curtain can be seen. People begin to clap, some stomp their feet on the floor and chant. An ole familiar voice behind the curtain speaks out.


The certain slowly rises. 

The Arrival of A Dream

Turn the music off
Turn it off
Please turn it off
Kill the lights completely
The lights, turn them off too.
Please turn them off.

Lighters up
Put them up
Cellphones up
Put em up
Put them up

Put them up

Both hands
Put em up

The Arrival of A Dream

This is the position we find ourselves in. Helpless and powerless my friends.
This is not entertainment
This is Alternative Television Listening (ATL) as you read to see it
We are simply
Trying to explain it
We are those shining
Three stars on Orion’s Belt
In an alignment
With a message for all
A assignment with an alignment
Let the truth be told
We boldly go
We will never fold
The sacrifice has already been made
Generation after generation
Before we were made slaves

(DJ scratches and drops a dope beat)

We’re united
Never divided
Every city
We call home
Every crown
Has a throne

Walk wit meh

Heart of a lion
Will of a champion
From the universe and back
To the laws we attract
The immaculate conception
Of a righteous connection
The strength of a super human being
The accessible
The incredible
The relatable
Quite often
I am that I am
Forever will be


(Another beat drops with light treble and heavy bass)

The Arrival of A Dream

Black lives matter. Just remember all lives matter, because we’er all in this together. To those who inspired me and to those who fired me which fueled the fire that got me hired.

To the fool
That drools
Never went
To school
To acquire
The keys of life
Forced to think

To the dumb chick at the job who tried to hold me down. Bitch! I got this because I still wear the crown. Your motive was simple and plain to see. Your energy represents your negative gravity which was later exposed, as you tried to come for me. It was pure, insanity, you see.

Now she secretly follows me…

This is My Life. In your position you should’ve thought twice. Instead of using sugar you used Old Spice. You were nothing but a slice of history to be. But you gave me new life and let go the caged bird so it could spread it’s wings and sing. A vision you never imagine could be. Thank you. You’re forgiven. I pray for thee.

I took that face frontal stab in the back. I seen it coming. So, I set it up for you to think I didn’t have a clue. I even told your girl. I was ahead of you. From your eye spies to LinkedIn when will your childish games ever end? I told you to your face I’d never work with you. How secrets unfold. How dreams truly come true. “Too much power for one man to have”, you said. The discovered check to your mate. All up in your face. You play checkers while I play chess. I represent love, at its best. Study long, study wrong. Your failed attempt to disgrace. A Concierge Confession. Don’t ask why. We are born to fly. It’s about the gift attached to the talent accompanied by a skill set and I found it while you tried to ignore it.

Just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real. 


The Arrival of A Dream

Every time I put money on the table
20 minutes later
The doorbell rings
Food comes in thru the door
Your kids run to the table

No husband
No pampers
Which means
Your strugglin’
Now who’s your friend
Come again

You have the audacity
To come at me
For your friends to see
Talkin’ to me
As if I don’t matter
But you brag to your friends
Talkin’ bout
He’s back again
Picking up your panties
From off the floor
Was hard to ignore

Come wit me
Sit wit me
Under this sweet apple tree
Listen to this smooth harmony
Check it…

Your face reminds me
Where I suppose to be
Writing urban
Spitting true ghetto poetry
For all to read

Like minds
Same sign
Born on the cusps
Harlem What!

A better extension
Of my father’s
I told you for the last time
Look back
It’s in my last rhyme
The future is near and clear
Picking up the battered baton
Just to keep you near

My dear
Don’t bother
If you can’t see me
You can’t be
Mad at me
For wanting more
And choosing to
Move out of poverty
To provide a better life
For myself and my family
without a wife

So I paid for my divorce and drove a thousand miles…

Hold up…
Don’t worry about them
They were never your friends
They don’t want you to be different
They just want you to just blend in
No need to think twice
It’s about obtaining a higher life
That’s right
It’s about where you chose to be
For some
You only get one shot, in life
That’s right
This is My Life

Finally, I can see
What I only once looked at
This was always a part of me
An emancipation of a boy into a man

I don’t think
You understand it
After one take
You took things for granted
Then tried
To take advantage of


The Arrival of A Dream

The soul of a poet
The mind of a killer
From rags to riches
Don’t ever phuck wit wicked bitches, male, female stuck in between

From the most likely not to succeed
To every man’s dream
By marring New Jersey’s prom queen
I swear
To have the ability to snatch shit from out the air

The 1st
The 3rd
The 5th
I don’t miss
The scene
Ain’t pretty
The life
At the track meet
At the cash checking stand
Where people size up others
Is the ultimate plan

The shifty
The shity
The street
Hustle life
In the city
Totally gritty
To the nitty

Rock wit me or be history

Nobody shares the seat of the throne
Growing up inside the killing zone
The inner city blues where people are starvin’ like Marvin
The sequel of no man’s equal
Human horses forced to drag the wagon
Their offspring reduce themselves to saggin’
Professional procrastinators
Without a savior
Mystery Telegram
Without a plan
My niggah

Friend or foe
Somebody has to go
My nigger

I’m no tuff guy
But you don’t want to
Phuck wit me
Leave you hangin’
Out to dry
For all to see

My nicca

The difference between
Like and love
What’s the difference
Between a bird and a dove
When you absolutely
Have to supply
An alibi
Who do you turn to

Is like God
It’s everywhere
A Master Builder
By nature
Don’t need initiation
No disrespect
Can’t sell myself for less
Knowing the gift behind the talent
Is key
A dark hole
Bring forth
Like branches to leaves
I can’t ignore
My responsibility
To acquire more

The Power of a woman
Who sits on the throne
The dance
The fantasy
That leads to something
That’s her true power
The psychological
The physical stallion
Beholds the gift of the promise

Ain’t cracked up
To what it’s supposed to be
From my mind
To my physical anatomy

The dance, the fantasy that’s shared relinquish something that’s her true Power
The prairie hold as much power as the trust

We always knew Harlem, a point of view was the right thing to do. The movement came true and it felt right too. I’m able to sleep at night. Now there’s not enough hours in the day.

I had a plan
I sat on my hands
That’s why I couldn’t stand

From fist to cuffs
My marriage didn’t feel right
So I
Backed shit up
Put the dream on hold
With fire breathing down my neck
I couldn’t rush it
I couldn’t get upset

It was the best lesson yet


Run that beat back…

What’s wrong with wanting to be better than my father ever was? I still have a long way to go. There’s a lot that goes into the making of a crown. The energy exchange is key. When you chose the wrong person to be with it affects you in a negative way and it knocks you off balance.

The arrival of a dream

The path

Isn’t always what it seems

I’m in the process of becoming the best version of myself.  I don’t pretend to be something or someone else.

Say less

God Bless

(The camera fades to black)

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Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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