When Choosing The Wrong Person

It doesn’t matter if he or she are the sun, moon and stars which make your personal world revolve. You will never be good enough for the wrong person. Even in your absolute best you’ll still not be good enough.

However, at your worst, you’ll still be worth it to the right person. Despite the hiccups of life, unselfish love is key and it must be the forever driving force in your relationship. Always keep in mind, laughter and being hard of hearing will never be overrated.

When Choosing The Wrong Person


Add this to your checklist. Some call it, “Spilling the beans”. Alcohol is a truth serum. You should want to see the person of your interest in their best/worst behavior while under the influence.

This allows you to quietly observe your significant other or your poor choice of character as they sip away and making a fool l out of themselves.

  • Free99 drinks tell and spell the entire story. 
  • Knowing your limit, is priceless.
  • Alcohol displays what’s to come and what your future will entail. Especially the short comings.
  • It’s also viewed as a tell all sign of what may and may not come into fruition.

When Choosing The Wrong Person


Run, as if your life depends on it. Anger equals danger. Don’t waste anytime, the sooner the better, especially if you don’t have time to waste. You don’t want to wait and discover 5 years later that your hubby has unresolved issues. You should want to know how a person manages and deals with a crisis well before you get deeply involved. You should want to know if they are built for the next 20/40 years. 

If you like pain, torture, or simply getting your head bashed in by all means let me step to the side and get out of your way. Call it love if you want. You may want to stop reading this and seek professional help instead.

  • Image is everything. Our children can’t dream it, if they can’t see it, to be it.
  • Some people like to use anger to see other people squirm.
  • Any form of abuse is not love. It’s actually the opposite.
  • There’s no need to shake your head in denial.
  • You should want a person whom is responsible, passionate, loving, brave, thoughtful and considerate.

When Choosing The Wrong Person


Micro managing? Is there someone recounting the money you’ve already counted? Are you feeling cheap or short changed? Does mommy dress you after she dresses herself? Does daddy tend to step in? Do you choose your own socks, even? I’m just saying because, um. Well, never mind. You don’t have to answer the last question.   

  • Image is everything. Our children can’t dream it, if they can’t see it, to be it.
  • Never rely on anyone to do for you which you should be doing for yourself.
  • Two door vehicles scream, “I don’t have room for any kids that aren’t mine.”
  • Your responsibility is to take care of yourself and all that’s in/under your name.
  • There’s no shortcut in life. Be the example of being a responsible and trustworthy person.
  • Treat others the way they want to be treated.

When Choosing The Wrong Person


Are they a good listener? Are they grateful and appreciative or are they selfish, pigheaded and a natural pain in your backside? Do they actually hear and grasp all you’re saying to them? All the telling signs are right in our face but we tend to look the other way.  Sometimes we hold on to things and people whom aren’t holding on to us. Living in a fantasy world, fronting as if, when they’re not. Many of us are dreamers who are full of wishful thinking. Some of us force circles in square holes.

  • Denial is not a river in Egypt.
  • A “Knight in Shining Armor” is a metaphor. It’s a fantasy/fairytale like Santa Clause, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White & Peter Pan. They don’t exist.
  • You should “like” the person first before you fall in love with them.
  • Some people slide, slither and deflect just to see others squirm.
  • You should want a person whom is trustworthy, responsible, passionate, loving, brave, thoughtful and considerate.

When Choosing The Wrong Person

Your Lowest Point: 

How a person treats you while you’re at your lowest point in life is paramount. During the rough, sucky and toughest time never hang your head low for any long stint of time. We must get back on top of the bull and keep a united front. There’s no need to wear our hearts on our sleeve. You know who you are. You know exactly what you bring to the table. You shouldn’t have to prove yourself to any of your doubters. How your trusted loved one treats you during the hard times or when you’re down is not only important but it’s very telling. You should key into this factor. There’s no excuse for being demeaning, or mentally placing one’s foot on the back of your neck while you’re down and in need of support. 

Your car note is your car note. It belongs to you and it’s solely your responsibility to address all payments. Just as your lease is in your name. Nobody else should be made responsible for anything that is in your name. including your lifestyle, hair, nails and other accessories. Stop playing games by trying to make another person feel guilty because you what to short curve your responsibility. 

  • Tough times don’t last, tough people do.
  • Pick yourself up from off the ground and dust yourself off.
  • There may not be an “I” in “team” but there’s two in “winning”.
  • Failing to smell the awesome aroma of coffee even when it’s right under your nose can be nauseating, to say the least. 

When Choosing The Wrong Person


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