Relationships & Shallow Minded People

Relationships & Shallow Minded People

Your location is not your destination. The most valuable aspect in every relationship is having the ability to relate. Do the people you currently have in your circle relate to you? If not, why do you allow them on your ship to your destination? Your ship is constructed to travel across the 7 seas which consist of rough and deep water.

Relationships & Shallow Minded People

Shallow minded people can’t have deep conversations. They’re not built for the rough times ahead. They can’t swim the distance that is necessary for survival. Shallow minded people can’t grow nor go with you into the deep waters of success even if you provide them with a life preserver. Shallow minded people are not equipped to sustain the relationship when a storm arise. They drown in the mist of your presence and they will only resent you and hold you back from obtaining your destination. In short, it’s impossible for them to relate let alone comprehend.

Relationships & Shallow Minded People

The pursuit of happiness lies within your dreams to your destination. It’s a lonely, scary, solitary and dangerous pursuit. You can’t wait for someone to think you can do it. You have to believe in yourself and just do it. You have to be willing to risk everything to become the seed of what you believe.

Relationships & Shallow Minded People

The objective in life is always to elevate your mind, body and your total being each and every day along with those you keep around you. This is what we call, real talk. Not everyone in your circle can go with you to the White House. I mean no disrespect, but many of them have to be left at the port before your ship sails into the sunset or take flight under the moonlight.

Relationships & Shallow Minded People

There’s a saying I use and believe in, “Dress to kill instead of dressing to be killed. The choice is yours.”  Adapt or die. “Adapt to rapid change better than your competitors and you can make tremendous strides; ignore rapidly changing circumstances and expect to go the way of the dinosaur.”

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Relationships & Shallow Minded People


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