Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park

Rhythmandcoils: Hair On Fleek!

Welcome Home Face!

A high IQ to jumpstart any man’s career. She’s the straw that stirs the drink. The one who makes me think. The catch they couldn’t see. The one I now believe. Not a hair out of place, everything simply falls into sync. Enough hips to garner tips. Dare to imagine, full figure fashion plus the lips you already know they be bangin’. So succulent and so sweet they would make your mouth water for something to eat. Interaction and satisfaction guaranteed.

Viewers eyes wide shut. Thighs wide enough. Even four wise blind men can envision and believe all things can be achieved. Such a sudden and striking realization. She’s your favorite girl you love to hate instead you actually should congratulate her on a good job simply done well.

Real Talk:

She pours light inside a jar for all to see. She’s apart of the substance that stretches inside our “gift” which lays in-between heaven and our world. She’s the best there is. No matter what you’re going through during the day and you come home to someone like this; the world makes sense once again.

Allow me to introduce to you.


Walk Wit Meh

 Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park


(Sheesh! Ya’ll See Meh)

No longer do I ask myself why. There’re diamonds at the meeting of her thighs. All natural like Breyers ice cream. The epiphany of Devine and the supernatural. The depiction of ones imagination. The return of a sighting of the second coming. Mother of air… A gift revealed and a talent that’s rare, uncovered and made special for the world to behold and stare.

When they say Black don’t crack. Baby Girl got that snapback, ass phat. As a matter of fact, don’t let her roll out strutin’ her stuff in them jeans. She’s sexy sassy and has all the curves a man loves. This, my friend is what 50+ looks like. If the room ever became dark just for an moment the sound from her heels tapping so ever softly against the marble floor would reveal her location. I’d then breathe in slowly to track and trace the scent from her lingering sweet perfume.

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Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park


Forecast: Thunder & Rain

(Outside) The sound of thunder and rain pound against the window pane. whistling missiles and toxic bombs of ice hail down from up above ricocheting off the deck down below. 

(Inside the Venue) Soft mood music playing. Lights dimmed low. Warm vibes flowing thru the air. The room is dark. The spectator’s circle to get their view. Fingers pointing. Video cameras secretly recording. Strangers sitting, standing holding up the wall, staring, smiling and watching every move as her legs begin to slowly spread apart. They stand in the middle of the floor dancing slow, side to side then they rock back and forth. She smiles then close her eyes as she felt his lips begin to gently, slowly kiss the most sensitive side of her face. Their bodies become like paste, pressing against each other. She can feel a slow brew rising. 

The storm outside reflects the unspoken expression of a passion deep enough to fill the depths of two now forged as one. Her fire accompanied with his desire the chemistry causes the lights to begin to flicker. Their eyes lock. She slowly looks away unaware of the audience they attract. He whispers one simple question as the music plays, “Are you going my way” 

Baby gurl exhales. They begin to slow grind side to side nice and very slow. His fingertips scoot around her waist. His lips begin to kiss then trace the other side of her neck and face. Left hand softly stroll across her outer thigh. Their pinky fingers touch then wrap around each other to forge a pinky bond. Both pinky’s engaged as all fingers lock. Staring, eye to eye reading each others mind. Both bodies in sync, rockin’ side to side. Their lips collide. Tongue all down her throat.

(He struggles to express his thoughts

She helps him by saying, “Let me do what you want me to do, to you.”

The ground shakes under their feet. Underground the earths crust and plates brake apart and begin to tremble and rotate. They both know exactly what this will equate.

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 Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park

Honolulu: Harlem Hotel

Welcome to Honolulu’s Harlem Hotel. Let the island music take you to a different place and time. Hear the water splash upon the shore. Smell the unforgettable aroma of the island sand that’s inevitably too hard to ignore.

Rub in some of that, Shea Body Butter. Moroccan Rose for every pose. Where do I begin? The heat from the Island sun instantly bakes into your skin. Feel the hot white sand dissolve under your feet. Experience the clear blue water for miles to see. Take my hand and walk with me. Enter my little hole in the wall by the sea.

Let’s spend the night together talking and watching the water splash across our feet. Pouring champagne with no ice. The water and weather is fine and just right. Let’s listen to soft music far into the night. Can we cuddle without having sex? Can you hold my body tight? Hold me close to yours as I gently kiss both sides of your thighs then lick the back of your neck?

The thought alone ignites a fiery spark from an angels dry sandalwood wings. There’s a melody stuck on repeat playing in the background with the reflection of the candle lights bouncing off the water from the shore, as it drifts out to sea.

Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park


Harlem Café Presents: Chocolate Whisper

Soft and warm. Let’s walk together and enter the quite storm. Surrender, is not defeat. Snacks on meh. All for you. My treat. How a passionate Chocolate Whisper of a kiss with almonds can lead to desirable thoughts one can’t resist.

Red Light Session

(Only a few know how we do)

Any Time, Any Place

(Phase 1: Janet Jackson, plays in the background sets the tone)

(Takes off his laminated name tag and places it into his back pocket. Slowly stepping out towards her from his time-out corner. Place his right hand and middle finger upon the small of her back. Gently pulls her towards him, leans in to Chocolate Whisper into her left ear. Standing cheek to cheek, his bottom lip slightly graze her ear just before he softly speaks)

(Phase 2: The Whispers playing in the background)

Yup! It’s about to get hot up in here. Flirting and holding her in his arms close and near. Finger tips gently feeling up on her precious sexy body. Holding her closer, they can feel the heat between each other. Brutha can feel her heart race as if it were on the highway. Pressing her body between himself, her curves and the wall. Pulling her slowly towards himself. Brutha places his right hand and middle finger upon the small of her back. Leans in to Chocolate Whisper into her left ear.

(Touching and rubbing… Face exhales before Brutha begins to speaks)

Like the Whispers, Some day, Brutha hope Face will be going his way. Many people are great pretenders. Only a small few dare to render. Looks into her eyes. Checks out her flawless skin. Discovers her soft, sweet tenderness which only a fool of a man can resist. The thought and the sight of her transcends all expectations.

Face! Sing with Brutha… 1st verse

Are You Going My Way

“Kiss me, then kiss me again. Come take full advantage of this human shell my heart is living in and love me (Ohwe) love me baby and to make life complete promise me lady. That we’ll practice making babies while world is sound asleep.”

Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park


Pillow Talk: “Her- Man

A Harlem Mister Chocolate Whisper:

It’s the eyes again for me. The mental chemistry that I see and wish to tap into for continued life for all to see.

As a matter of fact, I have a pillow just for you. You can bite that too. No need to fight, back. Later, we can huddle, discuss audibles, draw up more foreplay’s to see just how far your legs can spread opposite ways. 

You see, It’s the mentality and lips fo meh…

She’s like my Colombian brand and style of coffee light and sweet; strong never a bore nor putting me to sleep. She’s the silver lining around a solid gold idea. The woman of my year. Tik, allows me to hold and keep her near. Tok, places all nouns into perspective with endless possibilities without any fear. Full like a baby’s stomach. It’s about the way the light bounce off of dem lips. Whew! Especially, when she tease her audience with the red light “passion” causing a effect on her tight butter pecan skin. Smooth, right. (Check) Thick like a brick. I’m talkin’ all night. (Yep).

Her hypnotic perfume seeps through from under her satin sheets as it fills the room. An unforgettable fragrance which looms. Pillows fall onto the floor as her negligee seamlessly slips slowly off. He lay beside her, right hand on her stomach. Middle finger touching her navel. Gently kissing her cheeks. Her body begins to slightly tremble. She tries to clear her throat to speak.

Rough sex to gentle caress. Cold metal to warm wood. His tongue runs across her body like she never though it could. It’s the earth meets the spirit. She clinches her fist. Toes curl as his fingers run through her twist.

Baby girl breathes in and out softly then let’s out a sigh of relief. Preparation of the next exploration has her hands held above her head. Yes! She knows where his lips is about to go, right there and Brutha’s tongue will go right there and there. When he gets through “Her-Man” will never be looked at nor held the same.

I’d purchase “Her-Man” a one-way ticket to see the wizard & visit the Land of the Oz. I’d show him love and wish him luck then fill his cup with a brain, a heart, a pair of legs with matching feet. 

Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park


Face! You’re like a beautiful flower blossoming amongst dreadful weeds. A Sterling Silver rose of a beautiful flower you are. You make men look at other women differently. In more ways, hypnotically speaking, you can be compared to the liken to cat-nip; fluttering the hearts of others, whenever you decide to go live. You command attention upon sight. Can we talk about those jeans? The sight of you in those fitted jeans, if you know what I mean, is merely a small mention of all you do for the people who follow you. You do it with class. Just wish one day/night you just say phuck it and break off a little somethin-somethin. Nahmean!

Hiding and keeping the best part for last. A sneak peak or a sideview of that monstrous, jellyroll of an ass you have back there. Weebles Wobble but you never fall down. A blessing from a trinket for all sore eyes to see. Those who wish to come out of their shell to speak and make a plea. Highly intelligent. Lord took her time and had no mercy, on those hips, dem lips and thighs. Just imagine a thick coke bottle, plus that smile.

Her smile is like a burst of sunlight resting on my cheek. I’m talking pure happiness from the warmth alone. It transcends through my entire body. That’s just a small part of her gift. So many are blinded by the glare. They can’t separate the difference between Talent, Skill-set and The Gift. Talent is something that one can acquire. It’s the same with having a particular skillset. The Gift is totally different. That’s something your born with. It travels with you in every lane you choose. Its apart of our assignment(s); our purpose. It unfolds a seen and unseen healing factor which unlocks clues of confirmation within every person you come in contact. Truly, a rare sight. Some people never get to hold it in their hand but, nonetheless it’s a gift.

Like Rene and Angela your smile has been imprinted in my heart and engraved into my mind. I feel it in my bones. I even see past the smile and feel a silent pain you’ve yet to reveal. I want to tell you, I overstand. You’re not alone. Your tenure has paid the price and paved a way for better and brighter days.

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Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park

A Divine mind. Arm & Hammer bright. Colgate shine. A smile to our delight. Skin so smooth and tight, I can’t wait to see her go live tonight. The sound of her voice depicts an echo of yesterday’s dream; a promise today of tomorrow’s offering

Black coils spiral, represents the crown of all creation of life. Existence, came through a thought from the unknowable. It weaved the tapestry of life into existence.

Twas the night before the spark… There was activity in the shadows of the dark. The fire. Your body. The desire. Produced the thought. Food for thought that can’t be brought. That Chocolate Whisper by your boy, Harlem Mister.  

The scent before the taste. When I’m in your scope of view issues of the world are temporarily erased.  An aroma that paints a picture which seduces the imagination as we stand face to face. Black coils represent jewels of the crown.

Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park


Steeler Fan (Black & Yellow)

Sneak Peak Treat

Look at how the sun is loving on her right about now. Yeah, she can get a taste. She may be sweating that other dude, but let me tell you one thing. He ain’t meh. I’m not going nowhere. Sippin’ on a bottle of Coke sitting in my chair with my feet up, he can (Catch The Wave). Leaning against the wall wit dat syck flu-like of a close fade. White water rafting that’s where you’ll find meh. Swag surfin’ on top of a wave. Ruff Ryder drownin’ that ass in those waves, having those paramedics breathe soft on him.

Baby gurl, puts in that work. Queen for sure Hommie, true Killah Bee… She believes in sweat equity. She’ll want dem 15 rounds fo sho.  You feel meh? Built to go pound 4 pound and mo. An avid gym rat. Workout is her middle name. She will not have any mercy on that azz if you can’t keep up. She’s built for the long haul. Ford tuff with a grip tighter than two Velcro strips.

Sneak Peak

You may find her rolling around on that king size bed without a compass. If she mess wit meh I will leave her laid out face down on that mattress. Listen, like King, I’ll fulfill that dream and live up to the promise. Curiosity always kills the cat. Stretch that ass out till it cracks on that bed. Spread dem legs wider and give her more than I said.

Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park


Be the home she never had…

Sneak Peak Treat

It’s the intellectual conversation fo meh. Then it’s the thunder behind the wonder of her hips, for me. I see the sparks and that’s when I shoot a flare in the sky and wait for the rescue team to help fulfill my dream.

Sneak Peak

She knows what she be doing. Walkin’ around the house like that. Showing off like that. Niggahs catching heart attacks. Doing walk-bys like dat, sprayin’ every thang like splat-tat-tat. As a matter of fact, I love watching her walk into a room, out of a room, and switching rooms. I can’t lie. That’s when I’m forced to use my hand to close my bottom lip before the fool of the drool falls out.  

Sneak Peak

(Hair Care) Don’t get her started twisting and messin’ wit her hair. That’s a show all by itself. Especially, when she place a touch of blue on her tips. Absolutely crazy. Must see Tik Tok TV

My angels wingtips are blue. Yeah, I watched her magic from a distance. I think she loves the reflection too. I bet when she was a little girl she played dress up. Couldn’t tell her nothin’ looking at herself in the mirror. 

She’s my everything, my moral center who makes me a better man from a distance.

Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park


Product produced in one take. Straight out the gate, on her way to 100K. Driving a preview of a sequel watching haters in the rear view catchin’ fumes as she fades away. Pure intoxicating videos. Hot like lightning popping out of a bottle. The one who ignites the spark full throttle.

From hair tips, to advice, to the latest and some of the hottest outfits and the best price. Follow. Share. Make a friend. Pick up the gifters. Check out your girl. Visit her On Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park

Rhythmandcoils, A love which never spoil.

Mood music playing in the background, facial expression draws the connection which trigger your affection. How one hundred words express itself through gestures in a sequence of silence by playing music. You touched me on this one without speaking a word. It was like a magnetic pull which was profound. I found myself standing in the background slowly making my way up to the front to get a closer look before it was over. The experience was surreal. The Oracle is real. Instantly, I’ve found my tribe. A space and a place in time where I belong as I listen to the song.


Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park


A Mother’s Day Matinee

Happy Mother’s Day Face!

This bud’s for you

You’re not going to need that red dress tonight. There’s no wind behind your fragrance that will blow out this flame. 

Let me kiss then lick that pink eye of a spot. Have you pulling out your hair then climbing on top. Love me until the sun comes up and don’t you ever stop. Let me Chocolate Whisper in your ear tonight and let the growing pains begin my friend.

(With his trusty laminated name tag in hand he drags a chair across the room, props it up against the wall before taking a seat in his corner)


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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