Manifesting Your Gift

Turn your gift into your calling. Discover the meaning of self manifestation. If there’s a silver lining to bad or hard times it is this, “When facing server challenges your mind is normally at it’s sharpest.” What you want is on the other side of hard.

Manifesting Your Gift

When you’re under the biggest pressure that is when your mind is at it’s sharpest. Human’s have seldom created anything with lasting value unless they were tired of hurting. We don’t create anything worth talking about unless we are under pressure. You are never trusted for the things you claim. You’re always trusted from the things you survived. It is the test that created credibility. It is the test that creates trusts, the troubles you are going through is going to give you the respect of other people observing you. There are people praying that you fail and they trust you when you don’t.

A gift is the thing you do best with the least amount of effort. Identify your gift. Don’t waste time pursuing your passion. Gift verses passion (what are you good at?) You came to this planet because there’s something inside you the earth needed. Everything in creation is created with a gift. The universe creates everything with a purpose within the gift.

When you go to school you are to take the right classes to best represent your gift. People are not looking for you they’re looking for what you’re carrying. Your gift which is your purpose. If you don’t manifest your gift the world will not know you exist. The most important goal in life should be self manifestation.

Manifesting Your Gift

I would hate to die and never do the thing I was born to do. Discontent is the seed of change. You will never become what you could be until you become angry. Anger brings about change. Your life is defined by what you hate. Whatever you don’t hate, you allow. Whatever you allow you won’t change. What is your secret habit? What is your public habit? Prayer should be a habit, not only when things go wrong. It should be a constant factor in your life.

It took my entire life to say this. Research and experience; my own life studying creation itself. You are a package sent here to earth to deliver to a generation in need. You owe the world what you are carrying. Whatever you were created to become you posses it now. Whatever you are born to do it is not ahead of you. It’s within you. Whatever you are destine to become The Most High has placed it inside of you waiting for you to extract it out of you. God hid your future in a place you couldn’t miss it. Look deeper into yourself and tap into it.

A gift is the inherent capacity to fulfill a function that meets the need in creation. No one can give it to you. You don’t have to look for a gift. It’s already there inside you.

Manifesting Your Gift

Self Manifestation

Living within your gift.

When your boss has no reason being your boss.

When your supervisor has no business being your supervisor.

You do not define your future you define your habits.

Do not fight swimming up stream.

How do you break a toleration?

You will never become what you could be until you become angry with what you’ve become.

(Discontent) Anger creates change.

Your life is defined by what you hate.

Prayer should be a habit (Speak to the universe. Set it in motion. For some, prayer is an occasional surprise or when things are falling apart, mostly)

Decide your habit.

Your gift is the thing you do best with the least amount of effort.

Passion is not your “Gift”.

You where born to this earth, sent here by a grater power. To deliver something that we need. God created everything with gifts. You are a package sent to earth to deliver a gift to your generation.

You are obligated to share your gift. You owe your generation and the world your gift.

Whatever you were born to become it’s in you. This is a divine principle of creation.

Whatever you were born to do, you posses it now.

The creator never places the future outside of a thing (a noun).

A gift is the inherit capacity to fulfill a function that meets a need in creation.

Nobody can give it to you because you came with it.

No prophecy can give you the gift. It can only stir it up.

Manifesting Your Gift

Life is one huge rude road of people towards success. Many people on that road are obstacles to avoid. Some serve as speed bumps along the way. Always use caution whenever in a dark and unfamiliar setting. Never lose sight of your compass. Most of all, never let that road change the beautiful you.

You don’t have to look for a job anymore after you discover your gift. Your gift is you job/career and your purpose. All of our culture across the globe is built on employment. Employment destroys your gift. It stops you from even thinking about your gift. Our educational system plays a role in damaging our purpose and from exposing our gift (conditional intuition).

It’s based on short term living. Find a job, pay some bills then die. Retirement means you are tired. Now you’re retired and receive a gold watch to slowly watch time go by. Never go to college to find your gift. A gift can never be found. It can only be refined. Education is not a gift. Never take the wrong courses. Take only the courses that amplifies your gift. Change your career into your calling. Figure out your purpose until then you’re just wondering around groping the walls of a dark room in search of a light switch.

Manifesting Your Gift

Many people are well educated and struggle to pay a phone bill. They struggle to pay their rent. They struggle in life. Your dreams are the most important compared to education. A person without a dream or vision will perish. It’s the dream that spurs the education.

The gift is the source of value to the created thing. Your value comes from your gift. If you never find your gift you will never be of value to us. Your value determine how much you make in life. You get paid for the value you bring to the earth. Pay it forward. Give it away and the reward will be great. When you give it away you get exposure.

Don’t pursue money. Whatever gives you value is the source of your wealth. You must serve your gift (volunteer / give it away). Pursue your dreams. Life is about taking risk. It takes courage to pursue your dreams, to expose your gift(s) and share it with the world. Pay it forward. Take the leap of faith. God will support you. Your girlfriend may not, your boyfriend may not stick around but god will.

God has a life for you. If you play it safe you will never see the life god has in-stored for you. Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Life is risks. It takes courage to pursue your dreams. To get something you never had you have to do something you never did.

Manifesting Your Gift

The Ghost of Unfulfilled Potential

As you lay in your death bed having conversations with the ghost of the talent(s) you didn’t use. They’ll tell you they’ve came to you.

Manifesting Your Gift


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