Death of A President…

1963: It was the shots heard around the world… The cancer of racism imbrue the heart and the mind of others. It taints the spirit and it stains the soul … Continue reading Death of A President…

His Sand Her Hourglass

Pants so tight and you know it don’t smell right? When he’s in the shower and he can’t wait to wash you off from himself? You do know it takes … Continue reading His Sand Her Hourglass

G-Money: Love & The Spreadsheet

The story you are about to read is true. However, the images have been changed to protect the innocent. Alone in the car, waving my hands in the air, fussing … Continue reading G-Money: Love & The Spreadsheet

G-Money: $igns, $ignals & $ymbols

(Music) “Not Gon’ Cry” can be heard playing in the background. A soft spoken gentlemen taps the mic, then clears his throat… “Can I talk to you family? Can I … Continue reading G-Money: $igns, $ignals & $ymbols