His Sand Her Hourglass

Pants so tight and you know it don’t smell right? When he’s in the shower and he can’t wait to wash you off from himself? You do know it takes two weeks before the stench, to fade away, right? There’s no soap invented yet to eliminate the “Oh Dear”. Still wondering why he doesn’t call? Hmm… Mileage equals luggage and more baggage. It’s simulator to a horse pulling a carriage for someone else to carry? Denial is the enemy; a cancer of the future, past and present. Just in case you didn’t know. Lips done? Why don’t you change your attitude before you change your makeup. Oh, and by the way; men don’t care about you purchasing big lips, either. We don’t care about that. We want you to change your disgusting attitude.

Body enhancements, BBL’s with a side of cream? Would you like a cold drink with that, miss? The priceless reaction when others see you jumping the line. Do you believe in using cheat codes to achieve your goal? A little quick fix here and a plotting strategy there all to get ahead as one plans to deceive? Or do you rather the term “Contouring” which changes the shape of your body to give you the edge without having to sweat? Are you angry, mad, easily triggered and upset at the world for no good damn reason but wish you can afford to alter your appearance?

His Sand Her Hourglass

Are men the enemy? When you look at your children do you only see their father? Are you pissed because it’s another failed relationship? Are you in denial and can’t accept the truth even if its staring you in the face and has the nerve to ask you for something to eat? How about this… Are you living in your truth? Be careful when trying to answer the last question. You may regret it should you not answer the question, in good faith.

Do you have a certain type? Well, how’s that working out for ya? Are you unattractive, overweight and can’t wait to eat and then go to sleep; wake-up and hit repeat? I bet you’re the type who never give your man any peace? Do you wear a weave, a hairpiece or extensions which either hang down your back or partially over the side of your face? Do you wear a wig to hide what’s really going on underneath that baseball cap or scarf? (Oh lord, I’m going to hell for this one)

If this is you, listen up boo, you’re a visual lie and you want us to trust you? You know you don’t look like that fresh out of the shower, naturally. Show some respect. I’m sorry but not sorry. You need to hear this even if it hurt. You’re a visual lie to the entire world without having to mutter a single word.

His Sand Her Hourglass

Let’s move forward. Shall we… I’m only telling you this because I love you. Do you remember him telling you that? Trust me when I tell you… Do you apply so much foundation you don’t even recognize yourself after you’ve finished conducting 4 hour surgery in the bathroom mirror? Are you that scarecrow type of a woman, the one whom transforms herself into a beauty queen then step out into the world, especially at night? Did you just miss what I pitched? Do you like Free99 as you chew a stick of gum while your head wobbles from side to side? Do you really need the gum? Do you want to slow down because I can still hear you while you’re chewing. Do you take free shots at the club and stumble home with Tyrone, Pokie, Ray-Ray and June Bug? All aboard! Crickets, tickets and more crickets.

Wait! You like your men with tattoos and war wounds I bet, don’t you? “Hey lady, slowly back away from the cro-magnon man”. Step up your game and treat yourself to a man who won’t slam your head against a moving car. Walk away and never look back. Its a setup. Are you the type of a woman who think these men are really attracted to you and have so much to offer? Lol, It’s all about the excitement for you, right? Especially, when he knocks you upside your head but you’ll call it rough sex. Don’t tell me. You just have a particular, type that turns you on, right?

Do you have a history of making horrible character choices with men? Have you given multiple births to children whom are a constant reminder of your pass? When you look at your kids do you see only their father and the mistakes of the past? You get where I’m going with this? You can raise your hand if you like. Well, I have news for you. You shouldn’t think too highly of yourself. In fact, read my lips through the steam, Vern.

You’re the phone call before the lotion. Nothing more and nothing less. What idiot will invest into you? You don’t have to answer that. I know you don’t like to hear this about yourself but what else are you? You’re the fire extinguisher (Break glass in case of an emergency) when his first option doesn’t respond to his call. You look at your watch, your biological clock is ticking and you’re not getting any younger. You’re a sore sight, spoiled twice and passed over three times. Only a desperate man will make you his wife.

You’re his last choice before he lathers up, rolls over and call it the night. Yet, in your mind you’re his most valuable resource and he’ll probably not find another who’ll answer the phone as quickly as you. You’re also his best fan. (Umm… I meant to say, you’re his best friend) Yeah, that’s it. Woof! You’re his Ms. Faithful and most reliable. You’re his first go to plan with options, the one who comes off the bench when everything else fails. You’re delusional. Overall, you think you’re his rock and you know him better than he knows himself. However, before he calls you he checks his cellphone one last time to see if his first option is available. You mumble to yourself, “Put me in, coach.” Yep! I said it. You’re just a sidekick type of a chick. With all of that out the way, now what?

His Sand Her Hourglass

It’s all about his happiness and the happy ending; followed by a peace of mind. She’s the reason he takes the shortest and the quickest route home.

Look Ma, no hands. The lord took “Her” time with this one… There’s always darkness before the light. Keep in mind, a new day begins in the dark. You’re the metaphor and your competition is the hourglass. This is what they call, “Game Ova” my friend. Access granted by yours truly. The image above is an illustration that speaks more than 1,000 words. To make it any clearer she will do all you aren’t willing to do.

Let’s roll the clip… You don’t stand a chance. Nor do you have a clue. He’s having so much fun over there without you. Come here baby girl, pull up a chair, come on, a little closer to the screen. I’m going to put you up on some free game. I’m not going to tell you things will change. Nor will I share any informative info you don’t already know. I’m just going to highlight a few issues which is determent to your survival in the jungle. Trust me when I tell you, “Attention Is Currency.” Walk with me…

His Sand Her Hourglass

Stick to your guns and keep that firm stance if you want. In the end you’ll lose. Have you seen your competition lately? She’s a revelation and a destination. In short, she’s a tough act to follow. For starters, the menu is already set and stretched out across the bed. Scroll up. Her golden arch becomes his final destination, in so many ways. Take another look. She’s delivers a more desirable invitation instead of coming home to nothing, zip, zilch, nada or perhaps some more of your nagging bullsh!t.

She’s an eyesore of succulent human fruit to say the least. Her mounted position speaks volumes. He has nothing like that at home waiting for him. The only thing that’s missing is the saddle which tames the savage beast that lives within.

His Sand Her Hourglass

He pours his sand into her hourglass.

Just so you know… Her mother raised her to be a wife. Plus, mommy taught her how to be a mother and a beast in the bedroom. That part… That’s why her ankles will touch the back of her neck, if need be. I know you don’t like seeing and reading this but you gotta find out and connect the dots sometime in your lifetime instead of catching an attitude and remain delusional.

The woman above is willing to do what you’ve failed to do. I’ll say it again, “Game Ova, B!tch”. Just when you think you’ve acquired any form of what resembles a little peace of mind; you notice she still doesn’t get it. I will spell it out for you, again. Her ankles will touch the back of her neck, if need be. It’s always about his needs over your hostage list of demands, which is written on toilet paper. Just fold that dumb shit up and place it back into that cheap purse you brought at the African Square Mall. Keep in mind, women control the access to sex. Men control the access to relationships.

This is not about having substance. It’s about her perceived skill-set, tricks of her trade, the bells and whistles along with her endless cooperation. Its also about his interest combined with one’s imagination. Do you see the size of that ring? Yep, that part. Think about it, you want his money but you don’t want to submit. Do you bring submission to the table? If not then that’s why he has to use lotion. You just can’t make this sh!t up.

His Sand Her Hourglass

Wakey, wakey green eggs and bakey. Don’t leave any room for Becky to move right on in. There’s no time to deflect. It’s more than just raising the children, cooking the food and cleaning the house. Especially, if you don’t have to work. You would still be doing all of those chores if you were living alone by yourself. What’s your problem? If the truth were to be told he can do it all himself or hire a Nanny. Let me ask you something? Why are you here? That part, again. Think more about what he can’t do. That’s where you are suppose to come in.

There’s more to her visual testimony than there is to you thinking she’s your competition. Face it, you’re not on her level. As the scent from her intoxicating perfume fills the air, the sweet aroma from her planned parenthood seduction, sticks to the sheets. The view of her incredible arch from behind casts a lethal spell. An uncontrollable urge peaks through. The light from the scented candles flicker in the background. From a centered position the candle lights play a roll in her seduction as her personal scent fills the air.

His Sand Her Hourglass

His Sand Her Hourglasss

You’re suppose to be his “Pepper Potts”, his right and left hand from Iron Man. She’s his everything (Barry White style). He wouldn’t know what to do with his life without her. You’re expected to bring all the magic with all the bells and whistles, too. You should leave the best impression on the mind of your husband, your boyfriend or your significant other leaving him/her on cloud 9. It’s all about what he doesn’t have at home which you should provide, on sight. It’s beyond the fantasy. He’s paying for a fantasy which is the “Sand“. The matching colors from her attire right down to the pillow case sets & cast a spell which tells she’s fun to roll around with in the bedroom. She’s also easy on the eye. Are you easy on the eye? Or are you a tuff hard swallow to digest? What will your ex-boyfriends say about you when asked?

You don’t see rolls of lard on her do you? I know that’s kinda hard to say out loud but think how we must feel having to keep it held inside just to avoid hurting your feelings. You have no problem insulting men when you don’t get your way. Why should we care? You have no problem telling us about what we don’t bring to the table. Just wear this “H” on your chest and handle it. Hmm.. But then again, you think you’re special. Slow your roll, Wilbur. Yeah, I said it. Now what? Yes, the women above in the picture to you may lack substance but that’s where you are suppose to come in to save the day instead of complaining. In the meantime, she’s winning and he’s sipping on some rum and bathing in the sun, enjoying back rubs, shots of tequila and only god knows what else.

Of course substance never touched her. She’s absence of quality in context but to him life couldn’t be better. Yes, she drains his pockets with her hands out for more. What you don’t get is he doesn’t care about the money. It’s his “time” which is most important. I bet that just went over your little pea brain, miss substance. I’ll say it again. A real man doesn’t care about money. He cares about how his time is being spent. Sadly, compared to you you’re average at best. I know its painful to hear but look at your personal track record along with the gaping holes in your resume. The proof is in your face. In fact, the proof is your face. Please put down the pudding. I’m trying to have a serious conversation. There are more women out here that are prettier than you with the same problem. Men will sleep and have their way with you. Just look at the criteria message that’s stamped on your forehead. No more should you be angry with others because you settled to offer less. Its nobody’s fault but your own.

Steady she goes… You’re the captain of his ship. I know this hurts the heart and burns the soul down to the core but what else are you? You’re not married and probably may never will be. You sleep with men who never intend to marry you and you settle for their sloppy leftovers. It’s better than nothing, you think to yourself. He doesn’t even want to be seen with you in public but he knows how to come around when he wants a little something-something during the night. Instead, he purposely intends to serve you a breath mint and sing to you a sad song that’s full of hope and a promise.

His Sand Her Hourglass

Some of you women are difficult to work with and delusional. You have multiple children from different men. We all understand life has its expectations but then there’s the outcome which does match. It’s like being a used car or truck when most buyers want a brand new vehicle without any mileage, dents and scratches. Many of you are never seen in pubic with the man who’s allowed to dig you out as if it was diamonds and gold in your snatch. You my dear are a leftover; like a half eaten sandwich left on the living room table. Your buyers manual can’t be found. Even that speaks volumes because again, nobody really want a used car. It’s only going to break down on the highway.

Let’s look under your hood. Well, let’s not do that but you get my point. Almost never seen in the public with the man you really want. He tells you he’s very busy and he’s on his purpose or he has to work late. He brings over the food and drink or he’ll order it and have it delivered. Does this sound familiar? You know who you are. Check this out…

His Sand Her Hourglass

Food for thought? Think about it. How can you win when your mother failed to show you how to be a wife? Let alone, how to carry yourself like a woman. Men are in the same boat without a father in the house. How can he be a man if he never seen one? A child can’t dream it, if he/she can’t see it, to be it. Yep, that part… It’s a two way street. When mommy settled for the bullshit line, “Baby meet me half way.” He’s actually offering her a failed concept that has been tried and tested since the beginning of time. Meeting him halfway 50/50 is merly a roommate sweetie. He might as well say, “Let’s go dutch. Baby Girl, that’s a roommate with french benefits. Let Baby Boy continue to drive your car while you’re at it. Baby Boy never gets married until “Things Fall Apart.” (Get the book and read it. It will change your way of thinking). Keep thinking your day will come. I have a barn I’d like to show and sell to you. You’re just not marriage material and probably never will be. Just, stop the cap.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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