Hidden Secrets

When your love for a person is only fifty percent and you believe the bits and pieces told to you from the man who has a deadly secret.

Cathy and Johnny love for each other was nothing out of the ordinary. They were crazy for one another like hooked on phonics.

But Johnny had to start and bring to the table that bullshyt with the lame, meaningless and corny shit jealous people tend to do.

Hidden Secrets

At first you hesitated, waited and hated from a distance and then decided to messed with Cathy’s head, as if it was a funny game. As a friend, you told her Johnny was cheating on her with another man, showing her Photo shopped pictures and knew she wouldn’t understand and uncover your plan. Cathy got drunk and lost her mind.
You told her, “stuff like this happens all the time.

Hidden Secrets

Let’s spend the night sleepin’ with each other to make him pay the price. He’s Phuckin’ wit your head. Don’t believe him. Johnny has the monster and herpes. He plans to give it to you for free. I hope you can understand that I have your best interest to guard you against this type of a man, you see.”
(Then he laughs then chuckles to himself)

Hidden Secrets

How the 50/50 rule is not enough and you didn’t choose the 100/100 route to meet Johnny all the way. What more can one say about learning about the truth the hard way?

(Having 50% of the lie verses knowing 100% of the truth and the jokes on you)

Now Cathy lies about that knot on her lip which is deceiving and sometimes quite often, bleeding. As she looks around for Johnny but he’s gone and nowhere to be found.

Hidden Secrets


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…





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