Death of A President…

1963: It was the shots heard around the world…

The cancer of racism imbrue the heart and the mind of others. It taints the spirit and it stains the soul of our national character. It is a spot, an awful greasy and shameful splotch on the conscious of our national fabric fiber.

Death of A President…

This was a year which highlights the crucifixions’ by a process that will turn people of color into a permanent underclass. The people who were once forced to pick cotton are now the cotton which rich people and corporations pick to make profit in private prisons.

Tension, hopelessness, civil unrest and despair divided a culture of nations under the sun. This form of racism was used to divide and conquer a nation. Behold, a birth of a nation. The Ku Klux Klan terrorized a people and filled the air with false hope and replaced it with despair which left a social, economical and psychological mist of depression across the county. Placing the entire world on notice.

Revolution is in the air as the climate changed the white clouds into grey. A cause which lead to it’s affect which created a powercade of a chain of events. A storm is coming… Frankenstein begins to wake-up and see what’s staring back at him in the mirror. Deep in the south, senseless killings of African Americans during the the Watts riots caused a series of chain of event across the country. The world was watching as it triggered angry Black citizen to steamroll onto Washington DC. Right there was the sign of a Black revolution. Determine citizens laid their bodies down on airport runways not allowing planes to land nor take flight. President Kenny met with and assigned a local leader to calm down the masses and thrust Martin Luther King to the head of the fiery march on to Washington where he would deliver a historic speech derailing the march.

The climate which was set will change the course of history forever. Born in a troubled filled environment of human toxic waste, it was 1963, the tension was thick and great. One could cut the tension with a knife but instead on this day of mourning many may have sung, “We Shall Over Come.” but was unaware of what came next. The suffering masses wasn’t aware later on that year a child would be born unto this world, from a virgin. Out of the mist of chaos a new beginning was shaped, molded, nurtured and cultivated; a child is then born hidden among a sea of his people to answer the call with a promising gift.

The shield, the lake and the Obelisks… A historic symbolic gesture, captured.

Who done it” The assassination that rocked a nation.

This Obelisks is a copy of the original which dates back to ancient Egypt, during the dynasty life and time of Ausar, Aset & Heru.

Today, you currently know them as Joseph, Mary & Jesus. Allegory… They who never exist.

The erection which depicts the resurrection. The lower instrument of Ausar.

Just sit back and let it soak in for a minute or two. That’s right. Somebody lied to you.

Know Thy Self… Hotep!

Death of A President…

Death of A President…


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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