Leadership ft. Homey The Clown

What do you bring to the table that’s note worthy of praise? How would you describe yourself? Going the extra mile to satisfy your loved one(s) and the client? Do you treat complete strangers better than you treat yourself? Is getting your hands dirty without having to be asked to do so an understatement? Do you go above and beyond the call of duty? Does your performance exceeds the level of others? How about your IQ? Does your intelligence level tend to be higher than your peers? Are you easily motivated? Do you take on new objectives and tackle challenges? Are you determine to get the job done while others look the other way and disappear? Are you surrounded by people who seem to be around only to pickup a check? Are you one of the few proud good men and women who thrive in the environment which catapult those who desire to be great? These are the qualities that produce leaders for today and tomorrow’s future? These type of people tend to be focused driven and they execute with an aim which take pride and discipline themselves in his/her performance level.

Leadership ft. Homey The Clown

Leaders lead without waiting for a chorus. They don’t look around to see if others are on board with the task at hand. They grasp the objective by the horns and take the bull down. They’re natural overachievers with a commitment to excellence in helping others especially during the eye of the storm. When a crisis arise a true leader naturally gravitates to the assignment while followers fade to black. Like most followers they want. However, nobody seem to want to do the work that’s in front of him/her.

Beware of all those who play mind games and those who also play the victim. This is life and life it’s not a circus. There’re people who will never love you, especially the way you need to be loved. For the most part, they’re here to extract & steal from you. Not all people but enough to make you have your guard up. Some people are not who they say they are. We’re defined by what we do. Our actions become our Hallmark; it define us. The results speak volumes when weeding out undesirables. It’s our personal fingerprint; our true resume.

What makes a good leader?

Humor accounts for everything…

Giving men who naturally lead, naturally provide and naturally take care of his woman by taking the heavy load and the burden from off his/her shoulders to lessen the weight. I’m speaking directly to you. The enemy to your mind, body and to your wallet is also reading this thread. These men/women should beware of attracting the snake whom is laced with asp under their tongue and will slither away when exposed.

Going above and beyond the call of duty without being asked to do so is a sign of a great leader. How one performs while under pressure will be the deciding factor. He or she doesn’t go home early. They stay until the task is complete and then look for additional assignments which are in need to be completed. However, staying true to your “gift” and sharing your gift with others is an invaluable trait of a great leader. It’s a calling for only a few. Going above and beyond the call of duty is nothing short of fulfilling your purpose.

The hunt in the jungle is real. However, being raised in the city streets of New York breeds a different kind of beast. The game played is called, “Play or get played”. I will repeat myself Homey, if your natural “Gift” is to naturally lead, naturally give, naturally provide, naturally teach others and you’re raised to carry your significant other heavy load, please listen up and pay attention. The world is in need of a few more good men & women like yourself.

Walk with me…

Leadership ft. Homey The Clown

“I don’t think so!”

Don’t let that beautiful Colgate smile misguide you. Put your hands inside your pocket. Well, maybe not. Just keep your hands where I can see them. We don’t want you to start touching yourself in public. Stay focused and strong don’t let her curves hypnotize your eyes you will only lose your mind. She’ll place you into a trance which you may not recover from. Fight the temptation to fall onto your already scuffed & riddled knees to her seductive vision of submission. Don’t be swayed by her pearly whites either. For the bait has been applied. She’s a beautiful fly trap. Look away quickly and stand firmly on your square.

Keep your eye on the prize. You already have someone at home who needs you. I mean, resist the temptation to drool like a mule when she turns around purposely so you can see her juicy fruit, bubblelicious big ole wobbly butt. Good luck with that. They will use all the leverage they possess. Excuse me while I go to the bathroom for about 6 to 8 minutes. Nature calls. Yeah, that’s it.

Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah! Closely observe those who play mind games and play the victim. This game is called life and lyfe is someone else’s playground. You feel me Homey? You’re living in someone’s dream. Many people don’t and will not love you. They’re here to take from you. Some people are not who they say they are. We’re defined by what we do. It’s our personal fingerprint; our true resume. Our actions define us and results speak volumes when weeding out undesirables.

Leadership ft. Homey The Clown

Duck & Roll!

Homey, don’t play the role of the clown. We are the magic magnet. Remember we don’t chase we attract. Never try to convince someone to choose you. Always stay focused. Although you’re the prize it’s not meant for you to be alone.

You know the type, they’ll suck you dry and eat your lunch right in front of your face with a smile. That beautiful painting will always crack the crown upside your head. Put that b!tch under relentless pressure and never take your foot off the back of her pea for a brain’s neck and snap it off, metaphorically. Don’t forget to work on your anger management issues. Make them feel the price for deception and make them pay the full price in toll at the door. Block them, delete them and remove them from your contacts. For they will play make believe, deflect as they squirm and wiggle away as they slowly unravel and show you their true colors and limited value. They will then regroup, change clothes only to try-try again.

Also recognize the difference between war paint and natural beauty. Giving men attract naturally selfish women. This type of a so-called women can sniff the air and singularly hunt you out in their sleep. Like a viper they are masters of their craft and will prey and devour on your natural ability to lead as they plot to deceive and make you its meal. They will never love on you, naturally. Because it’s not in their nature.

Leadership ft. Homey The Clown

You heard the saying, “Homey don’t play that!” So act like you know. If you don’t know now you know. Homey wears a frown because of people like the ones I’m describing to you only come around to subtract and later tax you for their selfish gain but like I said earlier, Homey doesn’t play around with foolish sap sucking suckers.

All the signs, signals and symbols are right there; hidden behind the thieves painted or unpainted face. For they will wear the disguise of an forgiving angel. Snatch her wings off and allow her to fall head first directly onto her face. Don’t you dare help her up from off the ground. It may cost you your life. Always stay focused on your “Gift” and maintain the course of your purpose. Change your circle often. Everyone can’t go with you to the White House Homey, including some of your family members. Homie the clown has so much love to give. However, he must first take the horse blinders off and break the chains of his restrains that conniving, weak people who intend to make him their meal ticket to success.

Leadership ft. Homie The Clown

Are you feeling me Homey? Are you receiving this beloved? Just follow my lead and I’ll escort you to the promised land. Naturally selfish women never will have your best interest in mind. They are the Grinch who stole Christmas who never had a heart. Brutha, Neva Eva stop being the beautiful you. At all cost, never not be aware of those who plan to plot and deceive against you. They are users by nature. That’s their natural criminal nature. Trust me when I tell you. Society has its way of putting a person inside a meat grinder. It will force-feed the test subject and introduce the harsh reality that life has in stored.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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