What’s your dream job?

I am that I am and forever will be…

Traveling the world visiting universities, lecturing students and speaking at the United Nations.

We all are born with a gift. It’s attached to our assignment with an agenda. the agenda will reveal to us our purpose. Some may refer this to be our calling. Landing a position in a creative environment will enhance, develop, challenge my unrefined skillset and broaden my horizon.

What’s Your Dream Job?

I’m in love with the student teacher relationship. For a great teacher knows he/she will be forever a student. It’s the goal of the student to stand on the shoulders of the teacher and look beyond. The student is supposed to surpass the teacher in every aspect.

My personal goal is to be in a position to influence and change/guide the mind of others. One important benefit is to become the sponge and absorb as much information possible and share it with the world.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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