Discovering Your Gift Is Winning The Lottery.

I would lower my standard in looks to upgrade in cooperation.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Hey, you never know…

More money creates more problems. You will later have to solve them. Family members, friends and people who never picked up the phone to check on you in the past will soon reveal themselves in a way only money can bring out in a person. However, it depends on how people around me would change.

I’d make my mother who’s 78 years of age more comfortable. I’d probably do more of what I’m doing now. If I can I’d probably wouldn’t tell anyone. I’d ghost publish a series of books and speak to students around the world and pay it forward. I’d find her and relocate my daughter who I haven’t seen in more than 26 years. I’d spend the rest of my life giving her the love she deserves by supporting all her dreams. I can’t erase what her mother has done. I would try my best to be in her life until the day I’d close my eyes for the final time.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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