The Glow Of Magnetic Energy

He who controls images controls the mind of others.

Baby Girl, please feed your man’s appetite. We have 4 different types of appetites a woman has to attend to or without warning we are out. We have a visual appetite, a physical appetite, a sexual appetite, and a mental appetite.

Look, it’s plain and simple. We’re visual. A woman has to keep her visual looks up or our eyes are going to wander. She has to have sex with us. There’s no placing us on a schedule where you pencil us in. Cooking is basic… She must listen, and be our peace.

We will never educate the snake. Hence, stealth mode… For that snake will grow feet, sprout wings and become so dangerous one will never see it coming.

Men who are natural leaders, natural givers, natural providers, and naturally carry their woman’s heavy load are magnets. Magnetic energy doesn’t chase, we attract. We also attract the wrong type of women who are subtractors. They don’t add to the equation. They are also master manipulators. That’s why they should be tested. A man should monitor 7 warnings and tell all signs which reveal the real you. They are: Anger, Denial, Money, Alcohol, Jealousy, Envy, and (Drum Roll Please…) How you treat others when you’re at your lowest point in life. Master this observation tactic properly and you will avoid years of disappointment and heartache.

Food for thought… Grab a plate and try to relate. It always goes both ways…


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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