G-Money: Getting Married Again? (Part 3)

Neva Eva Scared… However, I would be hesitant before I jump the broom to be a groom.

G-Money: Getting Married Again?

What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?

This sounds like a woman has written this question…

A single man owns his own domain.

It depends if she’s an asset or a liability. Are you marring for love or for leverage? Does she even believes in love? I will stop right here and say, hell to the no. I mean, who wants to die alone? Hmm, um I’ll rent a chick instead. I have too much to lose.

Where was I? Oh, it all depends on the season you’re in. If the marriage is brand new then you’re not out of the water just yet. Especially if the water is murky. Don’t swim too far from the edge and make sure you can still see your feet. When you’re married the man has to negotiate his value and that’s not fool proof. I’m sure somewhere there’s a love just for me. However, for now I’ll just wait for love. Magnets don’t chase, they attract. Just date her and see how long she hangs around before the bread gets stale and the milk begin to spoil. Thank me later, Homie.

G-Money: Getting Married Again?

Hey Fellas…

Neva Eva marry a woman who settles for you. For she’s only with you because her first choice didn’t marry her. He married and had kids with someone else. So… You’ll do for now until she can do better. Enjoy the food for thought. Things aren’t always what it seem. Especially, if it was all a dream.

Also, beware of women who plan to turn you into their retirement plan. It’s personal for them. Trust me, when I tell you. I’m sure you’re a real nice guy but if she didn’t love and stay with the man she had children with then you my friend are sadly her next sucker. I mean her next victim. Yeah! That it… All the signs are there. If you want to speed up the process just stop paying for everything. Shake the bag and see what falls out especially if it’s all in her name.

G-Money: Getting Married Again?

If you think you’re going to have sex while traveling especially when a passport is necessary trust me its not happening. She’s waiting for you to act up. If she does give in it’s going to be so boring you’ll ask yourself why did you even bother. That’s when you should think about what I suggested. I mean, it’s too late now but at least you’re prepared for the bumpy road ahead.

Watch how quickly she’ll close the candy shop; padlock it, plus a heavy duty nickel plated construction chain included. She’ll hold it, then she’ll fold it up for ransom. I mean, for the next fool. She’ll begin to start talking to you through the door. You’ll be on the other side of the door and if you look down to the floor she’ll slide to you from under the door her hostage list of demands. It will be written on a roll of Scott’s Toilet Paper. Yep, a 1,000 sheets my dude. Trust me, you don’t stand a chance. She’s done this before and has become a master at deception. You’ll be lucky if she doesn’t burn down the house first because she has already built an escape hatch for her safe departure.

G-Money: Getting Married Again?


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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