Never Educate A Snake

What is the last thing you learned?

Never educate a Wolf, Fox, Dog or a Snake. For that snake will grow feet, sprout wings and take flight. It will then become stealth and once on the attack you’ll never see it coming.

Never Educate A Snake

It doesn’t matter what gender you are. There’s so many topics to discuss over coffee, tea or during a night out on the town which may include dinner and drinks (hiccup!). Excuse me. Keep the verbal music flowing as you’re feeling out one another. One can learn a great deal from each other without giving up sensitive information. Listening is key. Paying attention to detail is, priceless. You don’t know them and they don’t know you. You’re getting to know each other and you’re trying to see where or if they fit in your life. Far too often we’re quick to spill the beans; creating the atmosphere of verbal diarrhea not knowing we could be creating great harm to ourselves by sabotaging the outcome.

Leave some information close to the vest. In time the listener or the speaker will reveal themselves to you and may not have good intentions. The red flags may vary. By developing great conversation one can discover invaluable information learned about anyone you plan to bring into your personnel circle of life. However, the new person in your life should not be told about what happened in your previous relationship(s). In fact, they could be sizing you up to be later served on a plater. Pass the steak knife, honey. Until you feel comfortable, it’s none of their business. There shouldn’t be any double standard. What’s good for you should be The new person should not only prove themselves worthy they should also earn your trust with such valuable or possible vulnerable information.

Sad to say but if the truth were to be told you’ll learn all you need to know when the person you’re pursuing gets angry. That’s when the gloves comes off and they let everything hang. They will air you out without any worry of your feelings. When things get rough the hurt and the disappointed can’t reframe from putting their foot in their mouth and you will not be able to turn off the water faucet. Just sit back and enjoy the fireworks because those moments are not only very telling but they’re, very revealing.

Never Educate A Snake


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