G-Money Divorce: The Final Chapter (Part 4)

There wasn’t a fight to keep it together. We wasn’t worth it to figure it out. Money and a child made her feel whole.

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

G-Money Divorce: The Final Chapter (Part 4)

It’s the long hard look in the mirror one dares to take after the heart surgeon enters the room and delivers the bad news. “Divorce equates to; Death of a Family.” Picking up the pieces starts before, during and after the removal of the boulder. You discover portions of yourself located on the kitchen floor. You have to gently pickup the pieces. After scraping up what’s left. You attempt to try to piece it all back together. Standing in front of the mirror is the hardest part. All you see staring back is a shell of yourself. Getting out of the bed wasn’t hard enough. Walking outside became a chore.

After the 8 hour surgery the slow recovery will come and go in short and long stages. The rehabilitation along with the endless therapy sessions along with the expensive treatments will be later scheduled after the hospital kicks you out onto the street while they stuff the bill in your back pocket. Your butt will bounce twice on the pavement before reality sets in. The failure of an unsuccessful marriage will later serve as a life long investment of invaluable success to be never repeated.

You’ll have to walk through glass to get my attention.

It takes two to tango. Cheating begins when one starts to mentally window shop. Once you lose your joy being around the other person the writing will instanly appear on every wall, in every room. Both parties will tend to be quickly annoyed while being in the same space with each other. Both will day-dream or fantasize about life without the other person. When you’re never happy infedelity is soon to follow. Finger-pointing will also find its way to be the ultimate excuse and will enventually rear its ugly head to add fuel to the fire. By this time the house is burning down. Once you add verbal abuse it becomes the toxic fuel that burns the entire house down to the ground.

It was a baptism by fire. People are using relationships to squeeze joy out of the other person. If you’re joyful by your own, naturally you will have joyful relationships with anyone you meet. In the pursuit of happiness a viper is going to see how it can squeeze joy out of the next person. In this case money will be squeezed out of every person it meets.

You will squeeze until there’s nothing left and like a viper you move on to your next victim. These types of relationships are bound to fail. Especially when you’re not right from within. You’re trying to get happiness from someone else. Ultimately you will be come a nuisance to the other person. For the viper, it’s an exchange program with clauses, penalties along with bells, whistles and red flag’s attached to an Excel Spreadsheet. It’s setup for the viper to make you its prey and to devour its victim economically.

If you’re still looking over my shoulder let’s get one or two things crystal clear. Child Support and Child Support Arrears is money owed to the child whom is now 20 years old and living on his own. Arrears is not repayment nor is it reimbursement to line your pockets and break him off a small portion while you spend or tuck away the lions share for your retirement party. There’s no money owed to you. If you paid for anything it was your responsibility to do so as a mother. Read this very carefully Ms. daughter of a pastor. During the eye of the storm you allowed the devil to change you as he twisted your little head around like Sybil in the Exorcist only to curse at me after you read something you didn’t like. In that very moment I released you.

G-Money Divorce: The Final Chapter (Part 4)

To be truthful I released you decades ago after Pan Pan burnt down when I was still living in Harlem. You never fooled me. The devil which resides in you won your soul and filled your heart with grief and greed. I never knew you. Therefore, I know you no more. The anger which resides in you hides behind your overall disappointment with yourself and it has revealed itself a very long time ago. You’re nothing more than a sad reflection of your mother.

You’re sadly a picture of a fool who ran away to VA to live close to a girlfriend in hopes you could steal a peek at your ex who left you for a wife and children. I love you but I never liked you. That’s why I bounced you to the curb and turned my back. The world doesn’t owe you understanding. It judge the book by its cover and the length of its fangs. It’s your responsibility to put the best cover forward. I will never help nor support poison ivy in my garden. I was trained to cut those unwanted weeds and to dispose of them. You were never a friend.

Therefore, you have been removed, deleted and your trash has been emptied from the bin. Once again, I know of you no more. I abandoned you like you abandoned your entire family. I know who you pretend to be. You will always be a loner buying time to plan your next financial gain. I’m no longer entertained.

G-Money Divorce: The Final Chapter (Part 4)

Do you remember that day a way was paved for your tubes to be fruitful? Today, you’re hard, guarded and disrespectful. No fruit will ever come from your rootless, fibroid filled tree. No leaf will spare you shade of relief. Your gate to heaven is now finally closed. Never curse the hand that feeds you continued life. You are now released unto the pasture you’ve created. Avoid all contact. Love doesn’t live here anymore. Enjoy the time you have left. $pend it wisely. I abandoned you again after I smelt your new fragrance on “Trendy Lane”. You never fooled me. I smelt you and your plan coming before you drove across the bridge.

Do you remember when he didn’t have a place to stay and you figured you could get your way? When the date on the milk had expired and he turned his back on you and made the excuse he was tired. He said she said… That night he slept on the couch. The morning after how the sheets turned red. How you fell to the ground on your knees and wanted to take back the things you once said.

The woman who marries for money… A horrible wife without a cookbook of her own defines a undesirable life full of promises with hardships and strife. One will always pay full price to the illusion that presents itself as a bargain. Evil has blessed you with another financial fool. Divorce means love doesn’t live here and it probably never has.

G-Money Divorce: The Final Chapter (Part 4)

The crushing of hearts is often carried out by the belligerent. The individual who has experienced exceptional pain and shame has the possibility to reach exceptional heights.

More than often one can’t read the label attached on the back of their necks. Especially when you’re locked inside of a box. You have to have someone in your life who sees something in you when you couldn’t see for yourself. It’s that special person who can take you to a place within yourself where you couldn’t go by yourself.

Changing the mind of others during the midst in the eye of the storm…

When two people bond together and venture out onto a journey together such as marriage it’s pretty much like rock climbing. Two people climbing a massive mass of a rock tethered together has no room for doubt nor uncertainty. All it takes is a instant of uncertainty and the tethered line becomes compromised and unbalanced. Trust is key. As the weather conditions change and the force of the wind blinds you whereas you can’t see your hands that are right in front of you; the battle tested relies on blind faith which often becomes compromised.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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