Solitude Is Key

There are some nouns I’ll tend to avoid to complete writing tasks, deadlines, and personal projects. Solitude is key. It’s like being on a mountaintop in my mind and having conversations with the universe; listening to the soft whisper in my ear.

How often do you say “no” to things that would
interfere with your goals?

I’m allergic to women, cats, and cheap perfume.

Solitude Is Key


Women are the kryptonite of Superman. Don’t let her be drop-dead gorgeous and it’s game over. One has to resist the temptation or nothing will get done. Some women will instantly become the subject of inspiration to write about. However, if they become a drag or an unnecessary burden like dead weight, it’s best to block, delete and remove the source of the problem quickly.

Solitude Is Key


Dogs, cats, and any animals with fur will stir up my asthma something fierce. I love them but I’m miserable when I get sick. The love us unconditionally and they have the ability to see and sense vibration, energy and light in a way most humans have forgotten to embrace and tap into.

Solitude Is Key


Hanging out is a distraction unless they’re exciting and relaxing attractions. Distractions I don’t need when I could be making money, catching up on some much-needed rest or spending quality time with a loved one.

Solitude Is Key


Who wants to gag in public and have their eyes puffy for the entire day and night? Certainly not me. Cheap plus cheap equals cheap. Cheap perfume is a complete turn-off. It speaks volumes about the person who drowns or bathe themselves in it and thinks to themselves it’s the best product ever. The reek of it can make a person nauseous. If I’m trapped inside a car, train or bus I can’t wait to stick my head out of the window like a golden retriever. Woof!


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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