Concierge Confessions: PrettyWings79

Inspired by, October London’s Back to your place

Just look at her ball drop as if it’s Year’s Eve. “Rollercoaster” curves with the audacity and the nerve to be single is an atrocity which should only be preserved. Just take me “Back to your Place”… Let’s take the long route home through “Mulholland Drive.” “You Look Better” in the moonlight with the moon and stars in the background which truly drives me crazy. So, sit back and just “Do What You Do” without speaking one single word. I have no problem following you. “You Give Me Love” without a spark from a candle light. This is our “Lover’s Interlude.” You are pure inspiration; a sandwich with instant gratifying motivation. It’s the artist in me babe. You can call it an “Actor’s Remorse.” It’s the simple, many different things a Brutha will do just to hear your voice… I desire only “Beautiful Sensual Conversations” of your choice. Take me to the next level before I close my eyes before my final time. The goal is to stay forever engraved on your mind.

Concierge Confessions: PrettyWings79

Concierge Confessions: PrettyWings79

Concierge Confessions: PrettyWings79


Heaven is At the foot of Mother…

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