A Temporary Offering

October 31st is my mother’s birthday. I can never forget her day because it happens to fall on Halloween. When I was a young neophyte I can recall the evening I … Continue reading A Temporary Offering

One Shy Peek

The more I see the less I know…  A sneak peek inside the untrained eye during a time When the atmospheric tempers of the earth simmered in the mist of dawn … Continue reading One Shy Peek

A Diary of A Single Man: In My Bed

Have you ever had anyone in your life who picks you up then twist your world inside out, toss it upside down and wouldn’t expect anything less? Have you ever … Continue reading A Diary of A Single Man: In My Bed

Giselle Lynette: An Ordinary Woman

The seen and unseen symbiosis relationship between Cheeks and Brutha is mutual and beneficial. The understanding is complementary and a liking to Ausar & Aset’s perfect harmonic association. – Giselle … Continue reading Giselle Lynette: An Ordinary Woman