A Diary of A Single Man: Windows of The Soul

The eyes are the window of the soul, the lamp of the body, guiding us through the darkness of life towards the eternal light to safety.

A Diary of A Single Man: Windows of The Soul

Nothing on this planet is a coincidence…

Back by popular demand

A celebration is due

As we gaze out

Focusing on a spectacular point of view

Camouflage thick thighs

Pretty feet, toes poppin’ 

Sexy, hypotizing eyes

Supreme Almighty 

The one who’s said to be kind

Discovered at the last launch party

Often referred to as being witty

An exciting package equipt with an

Unforgettable smile

Beauty reshaped her pampered name

Who unearthed and gave birth to a brand new style

Of her own

Can’t wait to see what the view looks like, during the night

A Diary of A Single Man: Windows of The Soul

Her mountain of curves, bent to shape. The sight is breath taking and magnificent for heaven sake. It will take time to articulate, and convey a non-dubious message then translate the experience as a witness. The view. The peaks and valleys. The water seem to quietly brush against the shore. The beauty of it all is hard to ignore. The stillness of an image. How quiet is the sound? The tip of her finger point towards the sky. 

A Diary of A Single Man: Windows of The Soul

Weeka like Costa Rica

Have you ever seen her

She would will leave you weaker

If you ever laid eyes on her

Or granted the opportunity

To sit and speak with her


A Diary of A Single Man: Windows of The Soul


Heavy as a leaf

Light as a crumb

Lights flash Taxi car horns honking & Riffing

Build it, they will come

Liquid reflections upon the wet city street

Rain, sleet or snow

Folks in a hurry

To get where they have to go

Big lines

Little lines

People standing in line


In a rush

Don’t have much time

In a rush for what

The hustle and bustle

Centered around Columbus Circle

Crayola umbrellas of assorted colors

Unmask a hidden black canvas


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

















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