A Diary of A Single Man: Being Thankful

There was a time when I envisioned life turning out differently.  As I look back and reflect. Life revealed itself exactly the way it was meant to be.

A Diary of A Single Man: Being Thankful

Time Stamp: 4:27am

November 24th, 2017

On this day
Black Friday
My birthday
One day
24 hours
After Thanksgiving
I’m thankful for
Having two full time jobs
To keep my head
Above running water
Allowing me to sleep
On the weekend
And eat regularly

I wouldn’t have done this if I stayed in New York. I’m touched by the big city of dancing lights that shine real bright and the percussive sounds of the inner city blues. 

A Diary of A Single Man: Being Thankful

I’m truly thankful
Having a close knit family
Which I don’t get to
See, speak and hear 
To & from as I should
Often misunderstood
Not sure what’s
That about but
It’s time to address it
Opposed to accept it before life takes a bite out of my life

It’s clear as night to day

A Diary of A Single Man: Being Thankful

To heal open wounds…

The gift
The talent
The accepted
A stranger
To a new
Which embraced me
And showed me love

I often look back upon a city that raised me

A Diary of A Single Man: Being Thankful

I’m grateful…

I often wondered why I coach kids to adults from Another mother
Absent father
Those who are
Eager to listen
Seeking direction
There’s no tellin’
Where they be
If G.O.D.
Didn’t look out
And spared me

Long live the underdog who lives on a one-way street with a dead end

From the tuff little ones
And hard cases
To the timid shook ones
Lost souls
Running the city streets
The sorrow and the grief
How the cookie crumbles
How the crumbs feed
Many and anyone
Who seek guidance
Let’s bow our heads
In a moment of silence

Accepting responsibility

A Diary of A Single Man: Being Thankful

And then I pray…

Dearly beloved Mother
I love you and I apologize
For looking like the man
You once loved but now can’t stand
It took my entire life to finally understand your pain

Dear Father
I never knew you
And yet, I never held it against you
For not being there
One can’t hate the root
But love the tree
I think about you often

Happy Birthday to me
I thank the lord
For I can finally see
His vision is clear
As to why he has
Brought me here

Happy Birthday to me

The rebirth

The resurrection

The awesome shedding of skin

The removal of layers

No more sheets 

Were we start is often never where we begin

I use to chase the trick

Before I chased the dream

How many of you

Understand and get

Exactly what I mean



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…






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